Friday, November 26, 2004

Alexander The Great is not that great!

22/11/2004 Monday

Watched Everyone Has Secrets.

Sypnosis from DVD :

An electric romance between a man and three sisters!
A romantic sexy comedy that will smash the box-office in the summer season!

"Everybody Has Secrets" is a romantic sexy comedy about an electric romance between a man and three sisters. Is it possible to meet a guy who can read a girl’s mind and gives her what she needs most? The case becomes reality for these three sisters in the film. "Everybody Has Secrets" is surely the sweetest film that has it all from romance to comedy, filled with witty lines and stylish visuals. Three sisters take their own approaches to what they consider a perfect love. Based on "About ADAM" presented by Working Title, the kingdom of romantic comedies, "Everybody Has Secrets" will undoubtedly make female viewers nod their heads in agreement with how love is viewed and approached in such an honest and delicate way in the film. There’s no doubt that a daring concept and an attractive story of the film will help it smash the box-office this summer.

My rating for Everyone Has Secrets: 4 / 5 (wanted to give it 3.5 but upgraded to 4 because of the memorable quote in the movie)

Everyone has secrets
They don't make you happy,
but you can have them to be happy.
I gave each of them a secret to keep,
and they became that much happier.

23/11/2004 Tuesday

Have dinner with Sri, Ah Seng, Nisha and Huey Ying in American Chilli's at One Utama New Wing. BTW, it was Huey Ying bday. Happy Birthday Huey Ying! Huey Ying is the smartest in the class, a straight A student and now a product negotiator for the international medical company. Walaueh!

Sad to say that this is my first time in Chilli's =X I usually frequent TGIF (Thanks Goodness It's Fridays) =P Ordered their fruit juices which is refillerble and their Tequila Lime Fish. Hmmm.. the menu states that their tequila is non alcoholic. Really!? The portions here are bigger than TGIF XD~ but price also a lil bigger la. Nice dish though but there was no taste of the tequila ler. We were chit chatting and laughing all the way because of Sri's jokes.

After the dinner, the waiters came over to sing a bday song for Huey Ying (a surprise planned by Ah Seng) with the free mocha mud pie. The mud pie was delicious. FYI, in TGIF, if its your bday, you get a free mocha mud pie (better than Chilli's XD~~~) and a free bday song (they have normal style, rock style, dancing style, standing on chair style, and much more... cooler than Chilli's).

After that we adjourned about 10pm. I headed over to Jigsaw World to collected my puzzle - Solitude 1000pcs (ordered it last week). It looks damm cun giler! The salesgirl asked me why I picked such a challenging puzzle. I told her, it's beautiful lar. If wanna buy, must buy beautiful one. Then Ah Seng and Sri also told me this puzzle is damm hard because it's mostly blue in colour. They can say whatever lar. I still bought the puzzle and I'm going to finish it! =X


Reached home about 10:45pm and I was browsing through Astro. Guess wat I saw? It was The Amazing Race New Season! It's one of my favourite show! Cun!

24/11/2004 Wednesday

Watched Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. It is funny, a little sad, happy and has an unexpected ending. Good watch for the whole family.

My ratings for Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement : 4 /5

Finished the frame for Solitude ^_^

25/11/2004 Thursday

Had dinner with Ah Seng at The Manhattan Fish Market in Mid Valley Megamall. There were lots of choices. Can't think too much so I asked the waitress to recommend the dishes. She recommended the Manhattan Seafood Platter and the Baked Pacific Dory (Hmmm... Dory? Wahahaha... Gotta try it! =X) So I ordered the Baked Pacific Dory. The fish was baked to perfection and comes with their special butter plum sauce and it was simply delicious! Yum Yum XD~~~

After dinner, we went to watch Alexander. It was a free ticket given by OCBC. They also gave us a voucher for popcorn and drinks. ^_^

Alexander is about a 3 hours show. Be prepared for it! The battle and war scenes are very real and very violent. BTW, I think they censored some battle scenes eventhough the rating was 18PL. For the story, it's kinda different from what I was expecting. I don't know whether it is following history or is it made up.

My ratings for Alexander: 3.5 / 5 (the battle scenes was good but IMHO the story seems cacat =X)

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