Sunday, March 13, 2005

beeep beeeep!

*cough cough* AhhchieiewwwwwwW~

gotta leave some trademark here and hope everyone get a part of these since they told me I cannot be selfish and must share the good things with others.. hee hee! Try to look at this in a different point of view.. being sick allows me to get 5 days MC in 12 working days.. kinda cool uh? ;) You just can't resist it at times you know? haa haa! Nahh.. it is not as enjoyable as you think it is when you are coughing til your tears flows down.. when you are having running nose and a blocked nose.. sore throat and migraine at the same time right?! I read an article in The Star today and they said 1 of the cure to migraine is to go for plastic surgety and uplife your nose and forehead! ;) Now I've got a STRONG reason to go for a plastic surgery!!! Yippie!!! I've always hated my nose though he said my nose is just fine.. but he did comment on my forehead.. cuz my forehead is not nice :'(

It has been quite some time since I last enter a post here, well what to do? Mr DKBU himself is also busy and keep on copy pasting articles... As for me, life has been pretty bad. it is like I am now in the journey to hell and life has been changing from bad to worse.. for those who read my blog, I am sure they know what I am talking about.. Well, and for someone who has seen what I am going through, he said "sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga" Well, what can I do? Just hope that things will get better eventually... *sigh*

As I am typing here, I do have a lot of things in my mind that I wanna shout it all out, hee hee but then I am kinda melting as the weather is killing me... Oh it is just so damn farking warm.. Can someone donate me an aircond? 1 is insufficient. hahahaa!!! Oh yeah I know, you are feeling warm just like I do.. ah.. but I just can't stop complaining cuz the weather just can't stop getting hotter and hotter every minute! So ffs, do something about it!! Please don't come and tell me I just have to tolerate with it?!! Bleh... alrite I am going to no where I know.. so I better stop.. anyway, I guess after all that I've been through until now, I am starting to change to become someone racist, especially against indian womens.. Well, generally I do not understand why they have like so damn fucking much to complaain.. going aiyoyo here and there.. you are just making my head goes spinning you know? so for fark sake.. shut ur yep! You should know that you are dark and dark absorbs heat.. so.. there's nothing you can do but to feel even warmer than me! and I am not interested to know even if you melt!

Signing off,
The Broken Child

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