Friday, December 31, 2004


Happy New Year Everyone!

Wish you all the best for 2005. May all your wishes, dreams and desires be fulfilled in the coming year.

Here's a desktop wallpaper I did for January 2005. It's 800X600 in size. Let me know if you guys like it. If the response is good, I'll make another one for February 2005 =P

Here's the link (right click and save the file)

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Food, food & more food

24/12/2004 - Friday (Chritsmas Eve)

Didn't bother going out eventhough some friends invited me to their church for gathering (BTW, I'm Buddhist). Didn't bother to go out either cause it'll be jam packed everywhere. Instead I stayed home to watch My Sassy Girl. Was the story worth it?

My Sassy Girl

Description: "Gyeon-woo is a single Korean college student, still not very sure of what he wants to become in the future. One night, on his way back home, he meets an extremely beautiful girl, but who is also completely drunk. Because the girl talked to Gyeon-woo before falling unconscious, the people surrounding them begin to think that the girl is Gyeon-woo`s girlfriend. Having no other choice than helping the girl, he decides to leave her in a motel, since he doesn't know were she lives. The next morning Gyeon-woo gets a call from this mysterious girl who is very angry about him and wants to know everything that happened the past night. She tells him to meet her right now at the exit of the metro. Gyeon-woo thinking about this, decides to go see the girl. From that night, Gyeon-woo and the girl will become good friends, in a strange sense. As the relation progresses, Gyeon-woo begins to discover how crazy the girls really is, with all her wacky behaviors, angry attitude and always wanting him to please her the way she wants, even if it mean that Gyeon-woo will pass for a complete idiot in public places or gets beaten by the girl. But even if Gyeon-woo suffer, physically and mentally, he really thinks that this beautiful girl will have some sorrow in her and he really wants to help her to get better. But at what price?"

Review: This movie is a good. It's a must watch if you love romantic movies. Apparently My Sassy Girl was released on 2001 and there was a prequel released earlier this year called Windstruck. Both movies directed by the same director and staring Jun Ji-hyun. She's damm cun! Watched Windstruck earlier (Windstruck at the bottom of the page), it's kinda fun and sad actually but still loved it. I recommend that you guys watch Windstruck first then watch My Sassy Girl.

Jun Ji-hyun

My ratings for My Sassy Girl: 4.5 / 5 (Must watch if you like romantic movies and the soothing music is from Pachelbel's Canon)

25/12/2004 - Saturday (Christmas Day)

Hmm... what a busy day!

Woke up early today. Picked up Kumara and we visited Mark in Taman Tun (Knew Kumara & Mark since primary school). We were the first to arrive about 11 am. We chatted for awhile and after about half an hour Lilian arrived. Passed her her X'mas present and she left in about 15 minutes later because she has another party to go to. BTW, Lilian got engaged and will be flying off to Perth on Sunday. Congrats & Bon Voyage!

X'mas tree at Mark's house

Food at Mark's house

After Lilian left, the crowd started to appear. It was quite a big crowd about 30 plus people. We had lunch, most of the dishes were cooked by Mark's mom. She's really a good cook! Alot of varieties - Siam mee hoon, salads, kish, pasta, wedges, veges, roasted chicken, roasted lamb, cakes, cookies, drinks, etc. Loved the Siam mee hoon, it was so delicious XD~ Yum Yum...

Met up with some old friends and we chatted until about 2pm and Kumara and I have to leave. Kumara had to fetch his auntie to KLIA and I gotta get to another party which was at Kajang.

Reached Mei Han's house about about 3 plus. It was not easy to find but luckily Mei Han provided clear and precise instructions. Hehehe... There we met up with Rotaractors and friends. We had another round of food. Damm full liao... We chatted and took a group photo and later we had present exhange lucky draw style. I got this pen holder with two swans. It's kinda feminine ler... Going to pass it to my sister later. I left about 5 plus.

Food at Mei Han's house

X'mas tree and present exchange at Mei Han's house

Went to my grandmother's place in Kajang town. Had some jelly and prawn cracker. Later we adjourned to Fortuna Restaurant, a chinese food restaurant in Kajang town to have our 8 course X'mas dinner with uncles, aunties and cousins. The food is good. We left at about 8pm.

X'mas tree at Grandmother's house

Went for another bbq open house in Steven's house Puchong. Met up with some rotaractors and some new friends. I didn't have any more food cause I'm stuffed with it XD~ Instead we had some red & white wine, alcohol mint drink (it's green in colour) and best of all we had a sip of the Chinese white wine which contain 49% alcohol. What an experience, haven't really tried Chinese white wine before. Just one sip of it is already enough to get you high and the whole body burning. Most of us just had a sip. We left Steven's place about 11 plus.

Reached home about 12 plus, was really tired of driving, went straight to bed... Zzzz....

26/12/2004 - Sunday

Went to Theresa's house for X'mas lunch at about 12:30pm. Knew Theresa from a TJJ outing to Port Dickson. She's an ex-Rotaractor and she was the one who introduced me to the Rotaract club. Thanks Theresa for introducing me to Rotaract. Had some wonderful time with the Rotaractors =P

Food at Theresa's house

Most of the food were cooked by Theresa. The salad and tuna macoroni was top of my list. Mmm... sedap!

Met up with Francis, Evelyn, Winson, Aaron, Sharon and lots more. Got to know that Theresa's dad just wrote a book and it will be on sale next year and Theresa's mother is so cool and sporting. Also, Theresa gave all of us X'mas present. Got a nice photo frame. Thanks again Theresa!

We got to know about the Tsunami disaster while watching the news on TV. Walau... can't imagine that a Tsunami will hit Malaysia. My sympathies goes out to all the families of the victims.

Later we went for dinner at a chinese hawker food at Taman Desa. Food was so-so there.

Reached home 10 plus. Continued watching the news about tsunami and went to bed about 12 midnite.

27/12/2004 - Monday

Work, work, work... a few of my colleagues was on leave so I have to help finish their work.

Also, Billion supermarket in Port Klang opens it's doors to the public. It's just next to the office. Now, shopping will be easier for me =D

Billion Supermarket in Port Klang

Went to Prabu's 21st bday party at nite. It was a surprise party for Prabu arranged by his elder brother Srithar (knew Srithar while doing our A-Levels). What a nice bro! Aww...

Party was fun when Prabu returned home and found everyone was there and was singing the bday song for him. Meet a lot of new faces. Left the place about 11 plus.

Went home and see that my downloads of Initial D 4th stage Episode 9 and 10 have completed. Watched it immediately. Both episode was kinda slow, not much battle, just the build up to the next episode. One of the guy found out Takumi's weakness and the guy got a rally car driver to drive the ultimate car to beat Takumi. Can't wait for the next episode. XD

Initial D 4th Stage

Also: It's been a year since we moved in to our house. Happy 1st Anniversary to my house! =)

28/12/2004 - Tuesday

Didn't get any of the phones on my X'mas wish-list. Instead I got a Nokia 6230. I know it's an old phone but this phone is filled with the standard features. Also, this phone supports MMC card and has a camera. Eventhough it is not megapixel camera, for photographs I can always use my Nikon 5200 XD

Could have bought the phone below RM1200 if I got cash in my hands. But I negotiated with the phone supplier and he agreed to give 3 months installment (RM400 per month) =D

My Nokia 6230

Went to gym at night. Gotta work out after the taking in so much food XD

29/12/2004 - Wednesday

Went to watch Phantom Of The Opera with Theresa, Evelyn, Francis & Winson at Mid-Valley Megamall. We also met up with Estella from TJJ wacthing the same movie in the same cinema. Also, I met up with Richard who was our tour manager for the Korea trip. He's gonna watch Kung Fu Hustle with his kids.

Phantom Of The Opera

Description: This romantic musical epic is about a mysterious masked figure, Erik (Butler), who roams the undergrounds of 19th century Paris, centering his activity around (or under) the Opera Populaire, where he tutors a beautiful young soprano, Christine (Rossum), who goes on to upstage the city's most famous opera singer, Carlotta (Driver). The Phantom thinks he's found love, until Christine's childhood boyfriend, Vicomte de Chagny (Wilson) shows up.

Review: This is my first time watching Phantom Of The Opera (haven't seen any other versions of it yet). This movie is a musical. The movie had a good openning and ending, but the middle part of it was draggy. Too much singing! No wonder alot of people liked the show and also a lot of people hated it =P This is the first movie that I seen got the audience clapping their hands for it in the end.

My ratings for Phantom Of The Opera: 4 / 5 (Must watch for musical fans, or if you can bear with the singing go watch it!)

Monday, December 27, 2004

So Kung Fu Hustle is really that nice? Well, was it a wrong choice for me to continue heading to the cinema though I wasn't feeling well? When the rest were laughing hysterically, I was there sitting.. trying to join the crowd.. and they said that laughter is the best medicine.. but I can hardly laugh.. stomach pain la weih! What is I puke while I was laughing? That would be worse, right? Erm, should I go for the 2nd round? ;)

Anyways, guess most people would have known what happened by now, the tsunami... Well, I guess it was a great shocked for most people in Malaysia as we are always the lucky ones to be out of all this kind f disasters but luck is not on our side this time. Well, my deepest condolences the the victims' family. I was at my house when the incident happen but it didn't affect my area at all. Reason.. I wasn't staying in the island itself but Prai, which is like in the Peninsular of Malaysia. My eldest sister who was in Kentucky called early in the morning after being awaken by her in-law upon the news. He insisted that my sis calls to ensure that we are all alrite here in Penang. Just a very short time and thousands of lives are gone forever... Sad to say but shouldn't we who are more fortunate to take this chance to start to treasure peole around us better?

As I was sitting there talking with my parents before bedtime yesterday, we was talking about what to do if a disaster like this would happen in our house. What will we do with all of our dogs???

Mum : We do not have like 10 chains for the dogs!!
Dad : *lol* just open the kennel and let them run free and save their own life!! hahaha!!!
Mum : Hmm, what about the puppies?
Mum : I think you better put the puppies at somewhere high in case the water rise up and drown the puppies while we are sleeping.
Me : *lol* Ma, if anything happened, what would you save?
Mum : Nothing
Me : But why?
Mum : Cuz EVERYTHING is valuable and I can't afford to save all of it
Me & Dad : *silent* :-/
Mum : *lol*

Friday, December 24, 2004

Kung Fu Hustle Rocks!

Just finished watching Kung Fu Hustle at TGV One Utama.

Stephen Chow in Kung Fu Hustle

Description: A hapless wanna be gangster, Sing (Stephen Chow), must overcome his inability to wield a knife and demonstrate his mettle in order to become a member of the notorious Axe Gang. The Axe Gang, meanwhile, want to reign supreme by occupying the most coveted territory, which is a sacred street protected by an unlikely cast of characters, many of whom are highly skilled kung fu masters disguised as ordinary people. After several encounters with thugs and a fearsome adversary known as the Beast, Sing overcomes his inadequacy and realizes he is the greatest kung fu master of them all, destined to protect the sacred street.

Review: This movie absolutely rocks! If you guys thought action in The Matrix and Spiderman was great, wait till see this movie. The Kung Fu fighting scenes just blows everything away and has brought the standard up a few notches from The Matrix. And it's all action from start till the end of the movie. (Err... some scenes are too violent, so beware!) As for the story wise, it's damm kau funny. Go watch it!

My ratings for Kung Fu Hustle: 5 / 5 (A must watch for all Kung Fu fans. It's so good that makes you wanna watch it again =P)

Thursday, December 23, 2004