Thursday, January 27, 2005

Things every woman should know!

Got this from a website. It's interesting, isn't it? =P

1. That you should RSVP within a week of receiving an invitation.
2. That your doctor does not have all the answers.
3. That being female is no excuse for not knowing how to get on the Internet or to program a VCR.
4. Want to look five years younger? Get out of debt.
5. That your carry-on luggage can be an expensive indulgence, but the luggage you check shouldn't be.
6. If a jacket doesn't fit right in the shoulder, put it back-no matter what anyone claims they can fix.
7. The octane level of the gas your car requires, as well at the PSI needed to fill the tires.
8. You should never serve liver or a stew at a formal dinner party.
9. That is your date often has trouble finding you, you may be wearing too much black.
10. That massages, vacations and high thread count cotton sheets are necessities masquerading as luxuries.
11. To keep a pair of sexy high heels in your bottom desk drawer, just in case.
12. How to dance cheek to cheek.
13. How to keep a secret.
14. That nobody changes all that much. But they, and we, can adjust.
15. Never to argue in front of anyone else.
16. How to give a compliment.
17. How to accept one.
18. At least one great tailor or dressmaker.
19. The European equivalents of your sizes.
20. That if you dress well, people will think you have a personal life.
21. Never wear plaid to a job interview.
22. CPR
23. The names of a dozen different flowers ( Mums don't count) and a florist who will deliver them.
24. That your father understands you better than you think.
25. That talking on a cell phone in a restaurant is as rude as applying makeup at the table.
26. That workouts aren't over till you've done your sit-ups.
27. That a belt fits properly when the buckle prong goes through the third hole.
28. How to play poker.
29. The shape of your face, your best feature, and your worst.
30. That your undergarments should never be smaller that your briefest bathing suit.
31. That you should get your hair cut one week before a big day.
32. That you never shop a clearance sale or a discount mall with the attitude " Hey, for $20........" Once clothing is in your closet, the price tags are off. What fits best is all that matters.
33. The only time you are not better off shopping alone is when you are buying eyeglass frames.
34. If you are crazy about something and can afford it, buy two. You may never see the likes of it again.
35. If you are indoors ( but not sitting under an open skylight and not during a full eclipse), take off the sunglasses.
36. That if you can smell your own perfume, you're killing everyone else.
37. Breaking in shoes in an old and probably barefoot, wives tale. Shoes should feel comfortable before you hand over that credit card.
38. That you don't buy clothes for the weight that you hope to become.
39. That jewelry on the beach is very attractive.....primarily to sharks.
40. Don't fold only sweaters. Fold knit and jersey dresses as well. The wrinkles will steam out in a few minutes.
41. That food is an inappropriate gift to bring to the host of a dinner party. Unless asked, don't even bring dessert. Show up with candy, a book, or something cute but inedible - anything that doesn't belong on the dining table.
42. You should leave the house for a big event- well, maybe ever- without looking in a three sided mirror.
43. That adding sugar can take the saltiness out of a sauce.
44. How to tie a bow tie on a man ( he should know, but he won't)
45. That you should never buy a swimsuit at the last minute.
47. Even women have to polish their shoes
48. That ice cream can salvage almost any dessert.
49. That putting makeup on at the table is as alluring as a man's applying deodorant across from you ( Bathrooms are called powder rooms for a reason)
50. And that asking someone what they do for a living as soon as your meet them is ruder than all of the above.
51. That if you didn't wear it last year, you probably won't this year.

P/S: For those who don't know yet, I will be going to Bangkok this evening. See you guys next week. Take care and have a great weekend! ^_^

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Steve Ballmer...

Steve Ballmer (now the CEO of Microsoft) pitching Windows v1.0 in a TV commercial spoof - Here's a video clip from 15 years ago of Steve Ballmer pitching Windows v1.0 on a television (T.V.) commercial/advertisement as a spoof. Another cool movie can be found here.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Hiking to get lost? Lolz...

15/01/2005 - Saturday

Watched 'Arahan', a Korean kung fu flick on DVD.


Story: Sang-hwan is a young, naive, but kind-hearted policeman always trying to clean the world from injustice. However, the reality is that he can’t even bring the smallest of local gangsters to justice. During an attempt to arrest a purse thief, he ends up getting accidentally knocked out by Jang Woo-rim, Jaun’s daughter. Jaun is a high member of the Seven Masters, a group of martial art masters, guardians of the secrets of Arahan.

While waking up Sang-hwan from the knockout, Jaun accidentally discovers that Sang-hwan has incredible Chi powers and has the high potential of becoming a formidable disciple. Meanwhile, the evil HeugUn, an original of the Seven Master’s group, has escaped from his eternal prison and is again seeking Jaun who holds the key to his ultimate power.

Review: There's some nice kung fu moves, some laughable moments but overall IMHO the movie sulks. The movie looks like a B grade movie and it didn't really get my attention to immerse fully into the movie. For me, this movie would be one of the worst Korean kung fu flick I've watched.

My ratings: 2.5 / 5 (Arahan: Jangan tengok 'Arahan' - Instruction: Do not watch 'Arahan'. It is a waste of time. You have been warned.)

16/01/2005 - Sunday

Went shopping for CNY (Chinese New Year) clothes at Sungai Wang. Walaueh... traffic is massive eventhough CNY is just about one month around the corner.

19/01/2005 - Wednesday

Went out with Ah Seng to watch Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason at One Utama.

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

Story: In this follow-up to the worldwide hit, we find Bridget (Renée Zellweger) where we left her: blissful and besotted in the arms of gorgeous lawyer Mark Darcy (Colin Firth). Mark is accomplished, supportive and tolerant of (nearly) all of Bridget's tiny jealousies; why wouldn't every woman in London, including Mark's new long-legged, drop-dead-gorgeous, I-always-say-the-right-thing-at-all-times intern, want to lure him away from the plumpish, opinionated, sometimes inappropriate Bridget? With the entry of the leggy threat, Bridget's pink clouds begin to turn grey as her attacks of self-doubt sorely test her relationship with Darcy. And just when it seems that the waters couldn't get any more choppy, Bridget's former boss, womanizing heartthrob Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant) sails into view.

Review: Bridget Jones is just so funny. The most memorable part was when Bridget Jones went to jail... =X It a happy ending and I wonder if they gonna a third movie? BTW, is the word 'shag' is permitted in Malaysian cinemas meh? O_o o_O There too much of shag in the movie... lolz....

My ratings: 4 / 5 (This movie is funny! Go watch it!)

21/01/2005 - Friday (Hari Raya Haji)

Firstly, I would like to wish all Muslims a Selamat Hari Raya Haji. Didn't plan anything today but Kim Hong called up to meet up and have a drink at The Curve. Met up with Kumara, Martin and Kim Hong at The Curve at about 3:00pm. We went to Coffee Bean. Tried their White Chocolate Raspberry Ice blended (CNY special) Yummy! Yummy! As we were drinking our coffee and catch up with the latest news, Martin suggested we go hiking at Bukit Gasing later in the evening. And since we have nothing better to do on a public holiday, we went back home to change, met up in Martin's house and we're off to Bukit Gasing.

We reached there about 6 something and started hiking. We thought Martin knew the place very well, so trusted his lead and we didn't even look at the map in the front entrance. We were hiking in circles! Alamak! At about 7 plus, it gotten dark and we decided to call it a day. We went back the way we came from to the front entrance. We looked at the map and we will be more smarter next time. Hehehe...

Martin fetched Kumara back because he got something to do and the rest of us went for dinner at TTDI (chinese restaurant on the same row as Guardian). We were joined by Wei Liang. The dish were simple and delicious =P

Later we adjourned. Kim Hong went with Wei Liang and Martin have to fetch me back to his house because I parked my car there. We reached Martin's house and as I was going to leave, Kim Hong called up again and asked whether we wanted to go for a drink. In the end, three of us went for another drink at a chinese restaurant near Stanford college. We adjourned and i reached home close to 1am.

What a day! At first, I wanted to just chill out for the day since it's a public holiday, but we went for a drink, a hike, dinner and another drink. We really had a great time at Bukit Gasing getting lost! Lolz...

22/01/2005 - Saturday

Went for Rotaract meeting in KL. And since there was a talk on how to destress, the turn up was bigger than usual. The talk was great but it was a little too short. We learned about the types of stress, what causes stress and how to overcome it. There's two ways, 'reconceptualization' and 'reprioritization'.

Reconceptualization is changing the situation into a different context. The example given was if the boss scolds you, just imaging him singing and dancing naked! We did the exercise and everyone was laughing like mad. Reprioritization is changing the sentences to a more positive view. Example I need this job can be changed into I like this job and etc, etc, etc...

The two speakers also recommend breating exercises and barouqe music to destress. All in all, a very informative talk.

After the talk, we celebrated Catherine and Lai Ping's birthday. And later we adjourned to Stadium Negara Restaurant. We ate steamboat. There was too much food and we didn't finish the food. Anyways, the tom yam steamboat was not bad.

After dinner, we went to Celes's house to play some games. We played congkak, carom and jenga. We also watched a bit LOTR: Return of the King Extended Version. Later we went to Pharmacy in Bangsar at about 1 plus. The place was packed and the music isn't my taste =P Luckily the place close at 2 am. After some lousy loud music, we went to a mamak shop nearby to have a drink and relax. After the mamaking session, we went back home. Reached home about 3 plus and went straight to dreamland...

23/01/2005 - Sunday

Didn't have to mood to go out because I know everywhere would be jam packed just like last week. Everyone's shopping for CNY stuffs. Prefer to go on weekdays =)

Just laze around the house, watched some TV, watched some episodes of School Rumble and did some packing. Tracy, if you're reading this, get hold of School Rumble, it's really funny!

For those of you who don't speak or understand Korean, what does Korean music sound like? Here's a interesting Flash file... Download or just click to play.

Can't really describe this video. Sui jai remix? Download it and watch it for yourself. It's about 74 MB! Huge file! BTW, the girl in the video is kinda cute! =P

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

bumping into someone

The traffic ain't that smooth today, all thanks to the stupid moron who came out with the idea of making changes at ne of the junction that I always use to turn out from my housing area, and this will be for permanent? That's very not nice of you, you know? The moment I turn right and go straight from my house, there's where the jam starts.. all the way til the industrial estate. Thank God there are few traffic police taking charge else I guess I will reach office late everyday!

Anyway, on the way to work today, I was driving and I see a back of a motorcyclist and well, it looks rather familiar.. the helmet, the jacket, and the bike of course! Appears so much to be one of my ex-colleague from my previous workplace. I try to go beside that fella and *bingo* it is someone that I know... Unfortunately, I appeared invisible so he didn't actually notice me driving beside him. Question is...

When bumping into someone you haven't seen for quite some time in this kinda situation, what should we actually do?

(a) Honk at him, hoping he'll turn over?

I however think that this is not a very good idea. Know why? I could still remember a couple of months ago when I was driving my dad's and there was this ahpek on his old old motorcycle and he stops at the middle of the road. I do not know if he's going straight or he'll be turning into the junction. What if I try to overtake ahpek and ahpek suddenly turns? Sure he'll tumbang and caRie is at fault.. it is always this way cuz car is bigger, bike smaller.. so if an accident involves car and motorcycle sure people are going to think that it's the fault of the car driver. Anyway, to give ahpek a sign that I wanna take over, I *honk honk* and he was shocked and nearly jatuh from bike (-___-) Macam nak pff balance aje!
(b) Window Window.. window's down... and shout, "oiii~", hoping he'll hear your voice eventhough it's so noisy on the road?
Also not a very good idea. What if he turns over and see you, then he didn't concentrate on the road and *bang* kiss the ass for the car in front?
(c) Follow him at his back, flash light until he finally notices?
If someone were to do this to me early in the morning, I don't think I will notice, or even if I notices, I won't give much a damn about it cuz it is a broad day light.. pretend tak nampak aje lah!
(d) Etc? Any suggestions?
Thus, I can't figure out a solution except for this:-
Bang him, make him tumbang, get down the car, then by then I'm sure he'll notice you!
Hahaha! I am just kidding. But then it has been so many times that I encountered this kinda situation.. and some involves some very very long lost friend....! and I swear if I were to see them again on the road, and again it's in this kinda situation, hell yeah I am going to bang them!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Major Black Out? Where got...

Have been very busy with work lately and this will continue for a few months. Not much time to blog anymore. Will blog when I'm free =D Maybe caRie can entertain you guys with her stories and wits =P

There was a blackout today in the central and the southern part in Malaysia. More on the blackout at The Star. Everyone's talking about this hot topic but I wasn't caught in blackout. I was in KLIA cargo complex the whole day. There was no blackout there mainly because they have their own power generators =D

Also, stay tuned to this site because the calendar wallpapers are coming up real soon. Damm... they're real sexy! XD

P/S: Looking for extra guess bloggers. Only for those who are interested and has a passion for blogging. If you are that person, drop me a mail at dkbu5 at yahoo dott com.

Friday, January 07, 2005

New Year Liport

31/12/2004 - Friday (New Year's Eve)

Today is the last day of the year. Headed over to Carmen's Seafood & Wine in Wisma Lim Fu Yong for the nite. Reached there about 9pm. Parking is free from 9pm onwards. Woo hoo... free parking!

Met up with Kim, CF and many many new faces. We ate, chit chatted, donated money for tsunami victims, drink, etc. We also had a singing contest, beer drinking contest and a birthday party. It was great!

The Stage

The peeps having fun

01/01/2005 - Saturday (New Year's Day)

As soon as the clock struck 12:00am, everyone was shouting here and there, shaking hands, hugging each others wishing everyone a very Happy New Year! People were bursting balloons, dancing and drinking. It was a fun day. All of us left the place about 1:30 am.

Happy New Year! People bursting balloons...

Outside the restaurant, we saw some 'young cikus' roller-blading and skate-boarding in the middle of the road after midnight. Luckily there was not much cars passing on this road. Is this their version of celebrating New Year's day? Weird and siao O_o o_O

People roller-blading and skate-boarding on the road during midnight!

Eventhough our PM called off the the fireworks and celebration, Jalan Sultan Ismail was jammed with people and cars. Why is there a jam? Because the no use policeman blocked the road ahead and made it a single lane so that they can check every single vehicle to cari makan =X After the blockage by the police, the traffic was very smooth flowing.

The jam on Jalan Sultan Ismail

Reached home about 2:30am and I went straight to bed... zzZZzzzZZZ....

Woke up about lunch time. Ate lunch and watched TV. Had dinner with the family at the vegetarian shop in Damansara Utama (next to Starbucks) and later went to vist my grandparents.

02/01/2005 - Sunday

Woke up and had dim sum with the family at Tai Thong Tropicana. Mmm... the dim sum here still tastes so delicious...

Cleanned and tidied my room and later watched Taekgukgi: The Brotherhood Of War.


The story: "Taegukgi" is the story of two brothers who are unwillingly drafted into the South Korean army following the outbreak of the Korean War in June 1950. The older brother (Dong-gun) strives to protect his younger brother (Bin) on the battlefield while struggling to find a way to have him discharged so he can return to their village and care for the family they left behind. However, as the war progresses, the horror and violence they witness begin to take its toll on each man and sever their bonds as brothers and soldiers. Featuring large-scale battle sequences and an intimate and complex look at the social consequences of the Korean War on its country and people, "Taegukgi" offers a unique perspective on "The Forgotten War", which permanently divided a nation and turned friends and families into...

Review: I'm not a big fan of war movies and I watched this film because a lot of people recommended me to watch it. This movie shows us the real face of war and how gruesome it is. The special effects for the film is cun! The movie on a whole is good but somehow I prefer Silmido more. Wonder why?

My ratings for Taegukgi: 4.5 / 5 (Watch it to expereience a real war)

03/01/2005 - Monday

Went to gym. Tried Power Yoga. The class was less than 10 people. Some of the moves in Power Yoga were easy while some were really hard. Anyways I enjoyed the class. ^_^

04/01/2005 - Tuesday

Down with cold and fever. Couldn't wait to get back home. Reached home and sleep the whole nite =P

05/01/2005 - Wednesday

Didn't go to work today. Just rested at home.

06/01/2005 - Thursday

Back to work. Feeling better, still haven't fully recovered.

07/01/2005 - Friday

About 90% recovered. Must get more rest!