Thursday, September 30, 2004

Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival was very normal this year... nothing spectacular... =P

Had dinner with family. After dinner, planned to watch the big round moon. But unfortunately, it was raining and we can only see clouds. Then Ee Ling called for yum char at PJ State. Met up with Ee Ling, Goh, Alexal, Han & Dr. Thanai. We chitchated till late and reach home about 12:30am. When I reached home, the moon started to appear from the clouds. Took this pic ^^

Moon on Mid-Autumn Festival

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Click the pic!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival Everyone! Makan manyak manyak moon cakes and play manyak manyak tanglungs =P

More Mid-Autumn Festival Animated Flash from Blue Mountain

Monday, September 27, 2004


KLCC Pic 1

KLCC Pic 2

25/09/2004 Saturday - After work, went to KLCC Petronas Twin Towers to collect a book I ordered from Kinokuniya. Reached KLCC about 2:45pm. It's been a long time since I visited KLCC. Took some pics of the magnificent building. Hehehe...

This reminds me of the memories I had during my industrial training and internship with a MNC (Multi National Company). It was the first place I worked in - KLCC Tower 2 on the 30th floor. Eventhough the training lasted about 2 months, the MNC thought me a lot of things and I met lots and lots of smart people. There were a few interns that I met during my training there namely - Adrian, Amy, Eliza, Faisal, Juliana, Tracy & Tuck Pooi. I remembered one day, we were running here and there taking pics on the skybridge.... ah... what sweet memories... And that's why everytime I visit KLCC sure very semangat of this place... hehehe....

Anyways, I got my book and left KLCC for Holiday Villa KL. I got appointment with moncherri916 at 4:00pm. She invited me as a guest for the KL Rotaract Club meeting. Met alot of people there. To my suprise, alot of people know Tom. Hmmm... Tom is so popular... The meeting was okay and they're launching their new website today. Then we had a game of acting.... why must act lar.... I can't act & I can't dance, so what you want me to do? My acting was terrible to the max =X We the adjourned the meeting at 6:30pm and we headed to Suzie's Corner for food XD~~~

Had my early dinner there about 7:00pm. We left about 8:30pm. Initially they wanted to hand out at Sucasa where they have live bands but I had to go for my cousin's bday. Next time guys... =) Sent moncherrie916 to KLCC and went to my cousin's place. Woah! There was so much food there and I already I had my early dinner... Ate a lil and chit-chat with my cousins... In the end, there were alot of left-overs. Reached home about 2:00 am and went straight to dreamland.

Lesson learned: If you can't act, don't try to act!

26/09/2004 Sunday - Woke up about 11:00am and had lunch at 12:00pm. Headed straight to Subang Coporate Tower to meet up with Gan of Blue Forest. Gan is also Tom's friend. Actually Gan needed some volunteers for a project and Tom sent me an email. So I go over and see what project they are involve with. I still have not decided on it yet... maybe I will let go of this project... hehehe... I got until tomorrow to confirm. We adjourned about 3:15pm.

There was so much noise downstairs and I went in to have a look. There was an event going on - F1 event by Mild Seven. Just went in and watch F1 on the big screen =D(I love watching F1!) There were some models keying in the data of people in the event into their IPAQ! Walau... so high tech man! I got a free Renault poster for registering ^_^ While watching F1, I saw the mostest beautiful girl I've ever seen. She was hot! Really hot! Even the all the models cannot compare to her. She has this incredible energy surrounding her! Most unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to talk to her, she was one of the organizer (not a model la!) and was running around solving problems. Aiseh.... better luck next time. After the race there were some dance performance from the Mild Seven dancers and some games. Left the place at 5 something.

Reach home about 6:00pm, and had a short nap. When out with family for dinner at 8:00pm. Had vegetarian food at Section 17 again. The food there is really delicious. XD~~~ Reached home about 10:00pm. Watched Astro until 12:00pm and went to dreamland.

Lesson learned: If a friend needs some volunteers, it does not mean you have to volunteer, it's all up to you. And if you see a lenglui, quickly wave to her and ask her to come over.... XD

Interesting Quote

To love is to suffer. To avoid suffering one must not love. But then one suffers from not loving. Therefore to love is to suffer, not to love is to suffer. To suffer is to suffer. To be happy is to love. To be happy then is to suffer. But suffering makes one unhappy. Therefore, to be unhappy one must love, or love to suffer, or suffer from too much happiness. I hope you're getting this down. - Woody Allen

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Animated Short - This Wonderful Life

Got this from

"It's been around for awhile, but Lian Kemp's This Wonderful Life is a very impressive animated short. Over at rendernode there is an interview with Lian, where additional background information can be found about the flick, including other plans for more animated movies. The author also features a gallery with photo shoot style images of the female actress from the short."

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Neither Gates Nor Ballmer Is Microsoft's Highest Paid Exec!

Got this from Gameguru Mania

"According to documents filed Monday with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Microsoft's highest paid executive in the 2004 fiscal year was neither its CEO Steve Ballmer nor its Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates, but the exec responsible for Microsoft Office products - who received $962,500 in bonus and base pay. FYI, Bill Gates, earned $901,667 in Microsoft's 2004 fiscal year, up 4.4 percent from a year ago. Steve Ballmer earned the same amount and got the same raise in the fiscal year ended June 30."

My conclusion: Eventhough the exec is earning more than Bill Gates, Bill Gates is still richer. =P

Monday, September 20, 2004

The Incredibles Trailer Online

There's gonna be another superb movie by Pixar (the creator of Toy Story series and Finding Nemo) called The Incredibles.

The Plot Outline: A family of undercover superheroes, while trying to live the quiet suburban life, are forced into action to save the world.

Can't wait for this movie to come out on 05 Nov 2004.

Anyways, here are the trailers posted online. The Big (20 MB) and Full-screen (30 MB) Quicktime Files. Just right click and save it. =)

The Incredibles Official Website

Pixar's Latest Theatrical Trailer for The Incredibles


Happy Birthday Yin Yin! Wishing you the best of luck! And may all your wishes come true!

Beautiful Sunday

Aaarrrrhhhh.... it's Sunday, so nice to sleep.... woke up damm late about 1:00pm (long time didn't sleep so long liao =P ) Went for lunch with family at Tai Thong in Tropicana about 2:00pm (late lunch). We had their delicious dim sum and yee mee. Yummy!

After lunch, went to One Utama new wing for window shopping. Reached there about 3:20pm. First things first, always pay the ticket charges (RM1 flat rate) when you enter One Utama to avoid long queues later. Went to the new MPH to browse around. Bought a pen and Galaxie. While I was leaving, I saw Lilian lenglui, a schoolmate. Long time didn't see her liao. I know she works in MPH but I didn't know she works on Sundays. =P Have a chat with her and she asked me to listen to a talk by Dr. Lee and son about "Da Vinci West" which starts 4:00pm. It will be an hour talk about this guy from ancient China, Shen Kou and how he used his creativity to move up in ranks in the dynasty. Sounds interesting.... Ok lar, listen only mar no harm geh... since I haven't planned anything yet.

Lilian introduced her colleague, Kimmy, another lenglui. Chatted with her for a while. Then Kimmy introduced Mei Kun, yet another lenglui from McGraw-Hill. Chatted with her and later found out that they were organizing the event. The talk started at 4:00 pm sharp. Lee Jr. presented first. He talked about the life and achievements of Shen Kou. Shen Kou was very a very creative and capable person. He was an all rounder, good in all fields. Then Dr. Lee talked about the skills to be creative and he touched abit on applying it. Then there was a Q&A session. Actually, they were creating awareness and interest of Shen Kou to the public. They are writing the book and will be published soon in the future, most probably by McGraw-Hill. The talk ended about 5:00pm. The MPH staff finished packing about 5:15 pm and Kimmy was really hungry and wanted to have dinner. She invited me to dinner with Lilian and Mei Kun. Dinner so early?? I just taken my lunch about 2:00 pm. Nevermind la, I just went with the flow cause got lenglui invite. =) BTW, MPH staff can have 1 hour break in 1 day.

We when to the food court to makan makan. I was still full and just wanted a drink. Mei Kun asked what drink I like and she will go order it. I said watermelon. I wanted to pay for the drink, but Mei Kun declined. Why ar? Lilian ordered Singapore Mee Hoon, Kimmy ordered Kung Fu Chow while Mei Kun ordered orange juice. We sat down and they started discussing about books, publishing and the news about the books industry. Totally alien to me... =.=|| Just sat there, keeping quiet and enjoying their company =P We finished dinner about 6:00pm, we said goodbyes to each other. Lilian and Kimmy went back to work until 10:30pm (hectic hectic schedule) while Mei Kun when back to prepare her presentation for the following day. I continued window shopping of course!

There was a laarge crwod at the foyer. There was an acrobatics show going on. The acbrobats were from China and their performance were real good. Watch until the show ended 6:30pm. Went to Sealantis at the old wing to check the diving gears. Woah... you know what I saw on the board? I saw Discover Scuba Diving for free with certificate. WTF!? I gotta ask the girl at the counter was it really free because I paid RM150 last week at Tioman for Discover Scuba Diving course and I didn't get any certs. She told me that the course was free and the instructor will teach scuba diving for 15 mins in the swimming pool next to the shop. BTW, do you guys know that there is a swimming in One Utama?

Nothing spectacular... the instructor just taught the basic stuffs like how to breathe in the water using the regulator. 15 mins is just too short for discovery scuba. To get used to the equipments also took me about half an hour. At least I dived until 9 meters below sea level and saw lots of fishes and corals. My dive lasted about 75 mins and the theory part lasted about 90 mins. Total duration about 3 hours. Worth every ringgit I spent in Tioman evethough without the cert =) But if you just wanna check scuba diving out, it's a good place to start since it's FREE! Checked out their diving gears in the shop. One word from me "Everything is damm expensive!" Took some of their brochures about open water diving and advanced diving and left.

Head over to Giant to buy popcorns. I love popcorns! The popcorns can be found at the US section (foreign food). Bought 2 packs. One pack is about RM9 and contain 3 bags of popcorn. Just put in microwave for 2 to 4 mins and voila you get home made popcorns. Easy and delicious. Hehehe... XD~~~

Was going to the carpark. Saw a lady having problems with the parking machine. The lady called me asking me if I got some change or not. (This was the same parking machine I paid my RM1 note) I told her that earlier the machine accepted my RM1 note wo. But I realised that it's now accepting coins only. That's funny? Since no one have any change she asked me again. I said I got 70 sens only. She said nevermind, I asked her if she was sure about it. She said no problems because she has 50 sens and needed another 50 sens to pay for the ticket. She handed me RM1 note and I handed her the 70 sens. Wow! Like that also can! Acknowledged receiving extra money in my subconcious mind. =P

Reached home about 7:45pm and went out with my family at 8:15pm for dinner. We had vegetarian food at section 17. The vegetarian food was delicious. Reached home about 10:30pm. Had a family discussion about happenings and what to do during the year end holidays. =)

Checked some emails and straight to dreamland.... zzzzzzz

Lesson learned: When you hang out with lengluis, you will meet other lengluis. True or not I don't know.... wahahaha..... XD And always acknowledge good and positive things that are coming your way, forget about the negatives and you will find that more and more good things will start to happen. =)

P/S: Did you guys get the answer for the "J" game? Who was the journalist? If you guys followed the clue yesterday, you guys would have no problem at getting the answer. Yes, Joe was the journalist. This game can be be played in a group of 5 or more. This game taught us that if we were given a problem and it's a difficult to solve, we can cooperate with each other in the group to solve the problem. This will save us time and money.

Pics for Tioman Trip 11/09/2004 - 13/09/2004

Pics for Tioman Trip 11/09/2004 - 13/09/2004 Posted by Hello

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Matta Fair

When to MATTA Fair yesterday. This time it was held at PWTC. Reached there about 4:30pm. When I entered the hall... WOW! The turnout was incredible! There were so much people! Just like PC Fair and BTW this is my first time attending a travel fair. Admission is not free thought - have to pay RM3 which was okay for me =)

There were lots of promotions on packaged tours. There were a few vacation club memberships where you can stay at any their hotels for 7 days or more for free for the next 30 years.... I told the sales girl "Crazy ar... No one will offer this kind of deal lar" [Aiyo, later I found out never never say this] Then she tarik me and got me some drinks and explain all the details to me for more than half an hour. Then in the end, she told me, the price - RM19,000!! Then she say no need pay so much... onli pay 10% down payment. Apalar... last onli tell the price! I told her I don't want to get the membership, then she called her manager. The manager came to talk to me, closing me lots of times. I told them, sorry... out of budget! Aiyo, the girl should have qualify me earlier and not spend so much time explain and explain and explain.... then last onli tell price.... Luckily the girl was abit leng if not I cabut long time liao.... =P

Next, I when to another booth, doing the same thing again... I immediately ask what is the price of the membership... Then something weird happened. He ask me to fill in the form and he will give me a free hotel stay for 3d2n.... OK lar... I fill in... Then he asked me to listen to a talk. I say I got no time.... I told I got 10 mins only! Basically his pitch was same as the earlier lady, so I ask him to go staright to the point and tell me the price.... he told me RM11,000! I told him sorry no budget! Why do all salesperson always assume the sale??? Why they didn't qualify first??? Anyways, he still gave me the voucher to stay 3d2n at their hotel... at least I felt better =P

When around, they were hundreds and hundreds of booth doing different tour packages. The popular ones were tour to Korea, Japan, Australia, China & Hong Kong, etc. I was interested in South Korea, Brazil and Dubai. A good time to go South Korea is in Septemeber and October because the weather is good below 20'C - cooling and no need buy winter clothes. Most of the travel agents do not carry Brazil and Dubai. Why ar? I also dunno why....

Passed the Sunway booth - they are gonna build a water theme park in Perak! Wah! Passed the Genting booth - they were promoting their hotel rates like for 30% to 40% cheaper and their famous cruise tours. Berjaya counter - they gonna build the biggest theme park in Bukit Tinggi in Asia in the next 10 years... Sure boh? Disneyland and Disneysea is so big in Japan wo... can bigger than them?

Then I went to a traveller's guidebook booth. Bought a book on Dubai for RM25.

MAS booth - they put up alot of computers and they were encouraging online booking at their booths. Their ticket price is ok lar... but nothing cheap. Country Heights booth - promoting their health center thingie... They wanted to take my pressure readings. I said ok. The machine is quite advanced, just put your hand on the machine for about 1 mins then the reading will come out. The reading: I was healthy! Yesss! Good to know that! But heart beats abit high... the guy asked me to do more exercise... Then, there was this middle aged man that look very healthy but his reading was worst than mine.... I got nothing to say =X and felt a little better =)

There was a booth asking for donation for the poor, the girl said if I donate I get a newspaper or some magazines. I donated and didn't want the newspaper or the mag. Eventhough my donation was small, I believe that if you do good, you will be rewarded, maybe not in money but in other form.

Then there was this bus in the middle of the conference hall. It was a double decker bus. Went inside it, they were promoting Taiwan stuffs - Taiwan traditional clothes was on display, Taiwanese cuisines and lotsa Ah Mei posters. Then there were booths promoting Turkey, Australia, Macau, Thailand, Philippines, Korea, etc. Had a nice chat with the Korean guy in the Korea booth. He was really friendly and speaks good English. He recommended that I visit Jeju Island (romantic place for couples), Seoul, the place where they film Winter Sonata (forgotten the place =X), their big themepark, etc... Later he gave me a travel guide to Korea. The guide was cool! Lucky didn't buy the travel guidebook from the earlier shop.

Finally, I found a booth that does Dubai tours. I asked the lady why no one is doing Dubai tours except this booth. Her reply was, Emirates Airlines control the tours to Dubai. Oh.... Other companies that have Dubai tours also have go through Emirates. And there was no discount rates going to Dubai. The rates is same the whole year except for their peak season surcharge... No wonder no other travel agents promote Dubai tours. I also asked her about Brazil. She told me that Brazil tour was too expensive (RM6k and above) so not much agents doing it. So des ka.... now I know =) Got her contact number and left.

It's already 8:00 pm and decided to leave the place. Walaueh... you know ler... Saturday nite in KL.... sure jam wan.... Caught in the jam for an hour. Reached home about 9:15pm and have dinner. (Left over fried rice)

Decided to watch the DVD's I bought, I watched Elf with my brother. The film was hillarious. It was about a baby that was raised in the Northpole with Santa and his elfs. When he grew up with the elfs, and he was very different from everyone. Then one fine day, it was time to tell him the truth (that he was human) because no human has ever set foot in the Santa's workshop. Santa asked him to find his father in New York. So he travelled back to New York and many interesting things happens.... I won't give you the ending.... hehehe.... go watch it.... My ratings: 4 out of 5

Watched some documentaries. Feeling too tired, I went to dreamland at about 1:00am .... zzzzzz

Lesson learned: Do not be tricked so easily by free stuffs. Nothing is free in the world except air =P and don't be too greedy.

P/S: Oh yeah! Mindy got the answer right for the "J" Game! *Clap! Clap! Clap!*

Clue for the rest, draw a table with four columns and label them with

1. Brother's Name
2. Brother's Wife Name
3. Brother's Location
4. Brother's Occupation

Go read the 13 statements and fill in the blanks and tell me the answer. BTW, played this game in the company meeting on Sat morning and the response was really well. Will give you guys the answer tomorrow! =)

Saturday, September 18, 2004

A busy week

14/09/2004 Tuesday - Back to work. Had tons and tons of emails and work. Later went to gym to work out.

15/09/2004 Wenesday - The company sent me to attend a seminar on personal selling (two day course). Met alot of people and had some fun games. One of the games is called the J game. We were given 14 strips (1 strip question and 13 strips statements). There was a total of 4 brothers and 4 wives and we were suppose to guess which brother is the journalist. Initially we damm blur case. After about 10 mins, our group won the game (we were divided into 4 groups). Wow! I thought we were the blurest group but with united teamwork, we can solve the problem easily. See whether you guys can solve the J game. =) Here's the J game:

1. Jeni married John.

2. The janitor brother moved to Jerantut.

3. Four brothers lived in Kuala Lumpur.

4. The judge brother moved to Jasin.

5. Jimmy moved to Johor Baharu.

6. The Jeweler brother married Jane.

7. The brother live in different towns.

8. Each husband and wife pair lives together in the same town.

9. Justin married Julia.

10. Joe married Jasmine.

11. Who is the journalist? <==== This is the question

12. Julia married the janitor brother.

13. All the four brothers and their wife no longer stay in Kuala Lumpur.

14. Jasmin lives in Jugra.

Will give you guys the answer in a few days =P

16/09/2004 - Went for day 2 of the seminar. The most memorable part was using a straw and poke it through a potato. Impossible? hehehe... How to do it? Get a potato and a straw (the straw must not be too soft). If you are right handed, hold the straw with your right hand and vice versa. Put ur thumb on the tip and the other fingers hold the straw - like you wanna kill the someone =X Then hold the potato with ur left hand. Firm grip the potato. Now, practise with driving the straw down (not at the potato! - practise first la) as fast as possible for about 10 times. When you are ready, drive the straw through the potato. If you fail, your focus is not strong enough =P Repeat the practise 10 times and try driving the straw through the potato again. Sure boleh wan. ^_^

When for my 4th golf lesson at nite. From the last lesson, I can only hit about 50 yards with a 7 Iron. But after some tips from coach, I was able to hit the golf ball above the 100 yard mark! (lil bit more than 100 yard) Woo hoo.... Yeah!!! I'm beginning to like this game! =D

17/09/2004 Friday - Back to work. Again tons and tons of work. When to the gym at nite. After gym, I was really tired. When back and pack the stuffs in my room (my room is really messy =X) and straight to sleep... zzzzzzz

18/09/2004 - Back to work again. Will go to the MATTA Fair at PWTC later this afternoon =P Wanna go Travel! Travel! Travel!

Friday, September 17, 2004

Tioman, Tioman, Tioman

Car 1 - Tom (driver), Shani, Jayme, DKBU
Car 2 - Chi Loon (driver), Ah Fan, Evelyn, Ah Chai

10/09/2004 (Friday)

21:00 - Tom came and fetch me and we left for Seremban stop immediately.

22:30 - Arrived at the Seremban stop. We met up with Chi Loon, Ah Fan, Evelyn and Ah Chai at a cafe next to KFC (can't remember the cafe name =P) and we introduced ourselves. Everyone was very excited about trip. After going to toilet, we were ready to go but Tom asked us to bring extra cash as there was no ATM machine at Tioman. (Huh!? I thought Tioman should be advance ma... got Berjaya there) So, we were queueing to get some cash and we were off
to the next stop. We left about 23:00.

23:00 - Journey was normal. Tom showed us where was Gunung Ledang and told us some ghost stories... Dunno true or not, he only know... lolz.... Then the rest were discussing about GAIA and philophophy.... Aiyo... so the BORING, and I just dozed off =)

11/09/2004 (Saturday)

01:00 - Arrived at the Ayer Hitam toll plaza. Time for toilet stop and time for Tom to smoke.

01:30 - Arrived Kluang and Tom is hungry... we have to go hunt for stalls... First we saw a chinese shop but the boss told us they were closing. Then we moved on to find other shops and we found this Malay stall named Agensi 1001 Warung Kopi. What a funny name.... lolz... sounds like 1001 Arabian Nights. We had supper there and people from car 2 is getting high. People from car 2 are really really good jokers/crappers =X. Anything that come out of their mouth is just so funny... a real happy bunch. After a good laugh, we left the warung at 02:00

2:00 - On the way to Mersing, the roads were double lanes each side all the way until the jungle part. According to Tom,
one year ago, the roads were one lane each and full of bumps. Guess they just expanded and resurfaced the road and want to make it easier to go to Tioman. Then we arrived at the jungle area. Woah... the roads here are really winding and there were lotsa twist and turns. The place was real dark (no lights - just total darkness) and Tom have to drive with highlight. To make matters worst, the were thick forrest fog. This is the first time I am experiencing this thing and the visibility is real bad (onli visible 2 to 3 meters). Luckily we have a professional driver (Tom).... hehehe.... no problem geh. Out of no where Tom just emergency brake! What the hell happenned? Tom said he saw a forrest fox run across the road and emercency brake so as not to kill it. Awww...
how sweet, what an animal lover... Ceehhh, I thought he hit someone or wat? We continued the journey and reach Mersing about 04:00

04:00 - Arrived at Mersing. The first ferry to leave for Tioman is about 07:30. Tom and I scouted around. Shani was sleeping in the car already. Dunno where Jayme when... maybe to the port... Then I saw everyone was sleeping in car 2 and the Ah Chai is sleeping on a bench in front of the car. About 04:30, Tom and I when back to car unwind the window and slept. Walaueh.... there were a lot of mosquitoes and there were a few mosque nearby shouting for Muslims to wake up for prayers. There were at least 2 different mosque cause 1 mosque was calling from my right and another from my left... Hardly got any sleep. Woke up bout 06:45 and we go clean ourselves in the washroom and had morning drink, while Tom went to buy the tickets.

07:30 - There were quite a number at the jetty about 50 plus. We saw the first group left. Then Tom, Shani, Jayme boarded the second boat but a tour guide potong my queue and asked that I let the Japanese go first... I didn't say anything, neither did the people from car2. I just let the Japanese people pass. Woah... some of the Jap girls are so sexy... one by one pass infront of me... hehehe... =D~ Later the boat was overcrowded by Japs and Tom was shouting.... woi, ask me to faster cause he wanted to arrive Tioman and get a good sleep and also the boat was full of Jap lengluis... Later Tom was asked to moved to another boat.... ahahaha... We all boarded the next boat (about 08:00). The water was very calm and there were no splashes... and everyone decided to catch some sleep. But there were a Singaporean couple... talking and talking and talking so loud.... especially the girl... (it's so unlady like - learn this phrase from Tom) The boat has less people and more speedy. At last, we overtook boat 2 where all the Japs lengluis boarded. After that the ride was clear all the way. The weather was perfect and the ater was extremely calm! Arrived at Salang Beach (The most northern beach on Tioman) jetty about 10:15

10:15 - What a view! The water was so clear and we saw lotsa ikan bilis below the jetty. We also saw lotsa of fishes and some barracudas. And I saw something like a plastic bag floating... to my suprise, those were jellyfishs dangerous... too many of them) Anyways, we checked into the shallets at Salang Indah about 10:30. The shallets were all air conditioned... Nice!.... After checking in, all were prepared to go snorkel and dive.

11:00 - Chi Loon, Ah Fan and Ah Chai went to B&J diving school to get ready thier gear for scuba diving. There were a few diving school on Tioman & B&J is the one of the best school on Tioman (visit Tom, Shani, Jayme and me went for snorkelling. To tell you guys, I snorkelled once in my life like I was about 13 or 14 year old. After that I have not done any swimming. We rented the life jacket, mask and flippers and ready to go. We jumped into the water.... the water was so cold. Then we got some snorkelling tips from Tom and everyone was ready. Initially I wanted to follow Tom and Jayme but because I have to get used to the basics of snorkelling, I have to stay at shallow
waters. After about an 45 minutes, I saw Shani at the beach. When there to asked her anything happened. She got bitten by a small jellyfish! She said there was no problem. That got me scared... and I stopped snorkelling and waited for Tom and Jayme. They were so slow lar.... waited at least 20 mins. Finally, Tom and Jayme came back and they were telling us that they saw 2 baby eels (rare to see when snorkelling)
and a big barracuda. Then we off for lunch. By the way, Evelyn was sleeping in the shallet all the while. So Ah Chai when to call her for lunch.

12:30 - Lunch was good... and the girls were crazy about squids... Why ar? Anyways, I love to eat seafood, my fave =) And the carpping from car 2 people continues. Laff sei ngor.... =D After lunch everyone was resting accept Shani. Shani is doing her advanced diving course. Good luck Shani!

16:00 - B&J was having this cleaning ops. Clearing of crown-of-thorns. The crown-of-thorns kills corals and B&J want to prevent them from doing more damage to the beautiful corals in Tioman. Tom, Shani, Chi Loon, Ah Fan and Ah Chai took part with others. Initially Jayme and me wanted to follow them, but halfway I chickened out... caused they were going to deep and I'm not that comfortable
with snorkelling yet. So I and Jayme snorkelled around the beach. Jayme took lead and I followed. There was one time, where we were so out and in the ferry's line and about 3 meters deep... woah... lotsa fishes and coral to see but I was felling dizzy and asked Jayme to head back to the beach. I was real tired and when back to the shallet and sleep. Later I found out that Tom, Shani and Ah Chai brought back a big bags of crown-of-thorns. Tom was damm happy but Martin (one of the instructors) told them that those aren't crown-of-thorns but sea urchins..... wahahahaha..... laff sei ngor.... they threw back the sea urchins back into the sea. Luckily there was one crown-of-thons, if not sure malu kau kau =P Oh yeah, found a nokia phone at the beach while walking back to the shallet. The phone model is quite new but water has entered it. Took it back to the shallet and cleaned and wiped it dry. The phone was still working but the phone is in a different language. Dunno what language, must be a foreginer's one. Anyways, I passed the phone to Tom. Tom brought it to the lost and found section of the
shallet office. After all that, when I to sleep... zzzzz

P/S: There is no Maxis signal on Salang beach! WTH... I'm using Maxis... Signal available for digi (013) and celcom (019) only.

19:00 - Tom called me to wake up for bbq seafood dinner. I woke up and was ready for the bbq XD~~~ Aiseh... reach there the coal still burning. Then we started to bbq. Actually I didn't want to do the bbq. It's so hot and there is lotsa smoke. Thanks to a makcik and 2 ladies (Af Fan and Evelyn) who bbqed all the seafood for us. Then we all started to eat. Bon Appetite! The squids were the most delicious squids I've tasted and the girls were crazy about them. There were fish but a little uncooked. So bbq the fishes second round by Chi Loon and Ah Chai. There was chicken but FYI, I do not take chicken, I don't know why, but I dislike the taste =P. As usual the people from car 2 was crapping and laffing all the way. Then the food was almost finished and Ah Fan asked to order fried rice. She is so skinny but can eat alot =X Then Chi Loon was teasing her she is a 'Fan Tong' (rice bin - where someone gobbles nothing but rice only). Then Tom and Shani have to leave for the night dive. After 10 mins, the fried rice appeared. Hmmm.... the fried rice arrived and the fried rice is so white (maybe forgot to add black soya sauce) and oily... most of us, see the fried rice also full liao... end up everyone ask Ah Fan to sapu the fried rice.
In the end still got 3 quater more rice... wanted to tapao but not feasible. After dinner, Ah Chai wanted to watch football in the bar and drag us all there.

20:30 - When to bar and sit for awhile... I didn't order anything.... was too full.... and I needed to go for a walk... went to walk around and explore the island with Jayme. Saw Tom, Shani and 2 more ppl underwater with torchlight near the jetty. Took pics of them =) After that we continued exploring until 21:30

21:30 - When back to the bar. There was a large crowd. Mostly are kwai lo's and kwai po's. (Salang is very popular for scuba diving and most of the divers here are foreigners)
We saw Tom there with his wet suit. (Just came out of the water). He was complaining that his underwater torchlight went leaking and later at the jetty he was trying to fix his torch and he dropped his rechargable batteries in the water. (sure the torchlight easy spoil lar bro... capalang stuff... RM 30 onli.... a good underwater torch cost about RM200+) The ppl from car 2 is still there crapping, laffing and playing cards. Ordered beer and chill out there. Later Shani came to join us. She was carrying a thick book about diving and she is reading it in the bar cause there will be exams for her tomorrow. It was getting late and Tom wanted to get some rest. We finished our beer and went to dreamland.

23:45 - Dreamland.... zzzzzz

12/09/2004 (Sunday)

09:30 - Woke up and had breakfast with Chi Loon, Ah Fan, Evelyn, Ah Chai and Jayme. Had roti telur. Their roti telur was marvelous - very soft, fresh and perfectly cooked. The gang planned to go snorkelling about 11:00 Tom and Shani were doing their dives again.

11:30 - When snorkelling with Chi Loon, Ah Fan, Evelyn, Ah Chai and Jayme. At last, Evelyn show her face in the water if not will be in bed. Why so like to sleep geh? I was amazed by the swimming skills of Chi Loon. He is real good and was doing alot of skin dive. By now, I'm comfortable with snorkelling =)

12:45 - The people from car 2 is going back today. They brought all their stuffs and checked out of the shallet. Had lunch ala-carte style, everyone was there. People from car 2 was still crapping... aiyo... non stop crapping... lolz.... Took photos of everyone and say good bye to Chi Loon, Ah Fan, Evelyn and Ah Chai.

13:45 - Back to shallet for rest. Tom will have planned a snorkel to the sunken ship for Jayme and me at 16:00.

16:00 - As usual Shani went for her dive. Tom, Jayme and me went snorkelling at the other side of the island. Tom was bringing us to the deep end where we can't see the bottom ocean floor. Then we reach the sunken ship site, the ship
is about 15 meters below. Most unfortunately, it was cloudy and there was no sunlight reaching the bottom, we can't see anything.... Anyways, we continued snorkelling. Tom was showing us big baraccuda, butterfly fish, trigger fish, etc.
When he saw the trigger fish, he was pointing a big fish with his hands and it was a large one. He asked us to back off because trigger fish attacks human. He also told us that a diver's nitemare is not seeing a shark but seeing a trigger fish! So beware of trigger fish! We backed off and continued snorkelling. Then I saw a plastic bag full of coins, I asked Tom to retrieve it the bag. To our amazement, it was a bag full of chpped squid. Hmm.... anyways we fed the fishes with the squids. Continued to snorkel for a while. Got back to shore bout 17:00

17:30 - When back to the shallet to rest and sleep..... zzzzzz

19:30 - By now, Shani have completed all her dives for Advanced level and passed all. Congrats! Tom, Shani, Jayme and me when to have bbq seafood again but at a different restaurant. Tom selected the seafood and the chef will bbq it for us. Tom ordered quite alot. Meanwhile I was watching F1 racing... damm hungry liao... food took so long to come. Food only arrived about 20:20. I was enjoying the food while watching F1 (Yup! I'm a F1 maniac and Ferrari supporter =X) Everyone was full by 21:00 and there are still a lot more food. I was still watching and eating... later I found out I sapu everything clean... =X Tom was showing the bagus hand signal to me. He have never seen someone eat so much.... ahahaha.... I was happy mar, ferrari won one and two. When I happy, I eat more XD~~~~

21:45 - After dinner, we were were discussing what to do for our last day.

Option 1: Free and easy, do nothing
Option 2: Do snorkelling at 4 different locations
Option 3: Do snorkelling at Pulau Renjis
Option 4: Go terkking up the hill (up 45 mins and down 45 mins). Behind the hills was a private beach. You can do whatever you want down there =)
Option 5: Go kayaking to a nearby island and back
Option 6: Go scuba diving - 1 day course

Obviously, I was confident with snorkelling and chose option 6 =) We went to B&J about 22:00 to ask about the discovery course. Luckily Ben (dive instructor) was still there and he said it was not a problem. Yeah!

22:15 - When to the bar to chill out with Tom and Jayme. Shani when to bed cause too tired. The crowd was less cause it's Sunday nite (Monday is a working day) and most of the people have already left Tioman.

00:00 - Dreamland.... zzzz

13/04/2004 (Monday)

09:00 - Breakfast with Tom, Shani and Jayme. Had 2 roti telur and a roti canai. Why so hungry today?

10:00 - Get ready for my diving course. Tom introduced me to Jay, my dive master of the day. Actually Jay is assistant dive master and have 10 years of experience in diving. The course started with the basics. There was his hard-cover flip book for discovery scuba diving. Firstly, Jay asked about my medical history. Then he show me to do's and dont's of scuba diving. Then there was how to do this and that.
The theory part was really short. Then Jay showed me the equipments and asked me suit up. Then follow him on how to set the tank, BCD, belt, weight, float, mask, tiubs, etc...

11:00 - Then we walked to the beach about my chest level and do test dive. Woah... breathing in water is different in water. Rule number one: continue to breath in and out and DO NOT hold your breath! It was difficult for me, cause I was holding my breath then release. After a few rounds I was getting used to it. Then he showed me how to clean up mask if water when inside it under water... wahahaha... this is really useful! Then he showed me how to share air if I'm out of air. Difficult at first, and after 4 or 5 tries, no problems for me. Then, we moved on futher to ocean depth about 2m and started to teach me how to sink and float. Initially I can't sink, he was getting fed-up after numereous tries and pushed
me down the ocean floor and I was stationary there... can't move.... cause the belt a little too heavy for me... so he removed 1 kg bar from the belt. Ahhh.... then I was scuba diving... woohoo... following Jay around here and there... Later he asked me to look at my meter reading. We were
about 9 meters down from sea level =) Damm happy! After that we headed back and the jetty and back to the shore. Wanted to take the photo with full scuba diving equipment, but Tom put my bag in the locker and went snorkelling =\ Nvm, next time only take photo.

12:30 - Jay taught me to remove the scuba diving equipments and how to clean the equipment. Then about 13:00, Jay got a short test. Got all correct accept one that I was not sure. Tom came back from snorkelling and took pics with Jay =)

13:30 - Back in shallet. Time to clean up and pack. Finished packing bout 14:15. Jayme asked to tke photos around the island.

14:50 - Took our stuffs and check out. Met up with Tom and Shani at the cafe. Didn't want to eat anything. Just order some karipaps cause I full jor - I just whacked a protein power bar at the shallet about 13:40 XD~~~~

15:10 - Leaving the cafe, we saw Ben. Tom took photos of Ben, Jayme and me. Then Tom handed me back my new digicam. I took it and somehow my hands got slippery and dropped my NIKON 5200 that was just 5 days old and worth RM1500. OMG! I saw it slip and didn't want a direct impact and I put out my leg to save my NIKON 5200. The NIKON 5200 landed on my feet and somersaulted about 5 or 6 times... I was damm worried liao... I thought sure gone liao.... Tried to move it, the NIKON 5200 didn't response....
sei lor.... Offed the camera for 5 secs and tried to on it back... Luckily thanks to god, the NIKON 5200 is working again, all photos were intact. Also luckily, I asked the
dealer to changed the SD to KINGMAX bacause KINGMAX SD Card guarantee their card is shock proof, fire proof, water proof and alot more proof. The NIKON 5200 suffered only minor scars.... At least everything is working! NIKON and KINGMAX BEST SIAAAALLLL!!!! =X

15:15 - Said bye to everyone in B&J and off to the jetty. Our boat was suppose to arrive at 15:00 but until now, no boat was to be seen. We saw some steamy stuffs done by the foreigners in the water... go ask Tom =X See until forgot to snap photos.... aiseh... It was over in a few minutes =X We waited for the boat until about 15:40.

15:40 - We boarded the boat. The next stop was Berjaya Hotel. There Tom snapped pictures of where they were building the Marina. Then we stopped at Kampung ABC izit? (can't remember the stop) Then we off Tioman.... Wah! the water were so chompy and not very calm. Then they will close all the windows. When you close all windows it get's hot and stuffy. Initially it was like a rollercoaster ride but after a while it became like what Tom said - free sauna and massage.

17:30 - Reach the Mersing jetty. Have some drinks and rest from the free sauna and massage =P Then I went shopping for glow in the dark t-shirts. Bought a total of 3 t-shirts =)

18:00 - Tom took his car from the parking lot and stuff all our bags into the boot. We were going back to Kluang for dinner. Again, the road back was through the winding road at the jungle. Tom was very good with the car and drove quite fast and overtook a lot of cars.

20:15 - Reach Kluang for dinner. The restaurant we wanted to go didn't open and we were rounding mindlessly for about 15 mins until Jayme called her aunty. Jayme's aunty also recommended the same restaurant. ALAMAK!!! Anyways Tom suggested to eat nearby... ok with me cause I hungry jor... When we were ordering, Tom asked if I eat tien kai (frog)? What?! I told him I don't eat forg lar onli seafood.... Then he asked me wanna try wild boar or squirrel? What!? I told him again I don't eat other meat accept seafood! At last, they ordered asam fish head curry, fish cake, prwans, veges, tien kai and yee mee.

21:00 - After dinner, continued our journey back to KL/PJ....

23:00 - Reach the Melaka stop. Washroom stop. Tom's smokes again. Oh yeah... the fella sapu a carton of Malboro Lights into his bag just before leaving Tioman. Duty free mar.... and after the budget, price for 20 pcs ciggies have risen to RM6.50. Clever ar..... =P

23:15 - Continued driving back to KL/PJ....

13/09/2004 (Tuesday)

01:00 - Reached PJ. First, Tom dropped off Jayme, then me, followed by Shani.

02:00 - Unpacked everything and goto dreamland.... zzzzzzzz

What I learned from the trip?
I learned to snorkel and dicosver scuba diving. Underwater life is really interesting.

Do I recommend scuba diving?
Yes! It was awesome! Take scuba diving only if you know basic swimming and snorkelling. =)

Would I recommend people to go on the trip?
Yes! Definitely! It's an experience of a lifetime =)

P/S: One more thing, I still lost about 1 to 2 kgs from this trip despite of the good food. That's funny. I ate so much and I still lost weight. I'm still puzzled but very happy indeed XD

Friday, September 10, 2004

Love at first sight...

After searching here and there, asking here and there for weeks, I finally found her. It was love at first sight.

Once you put your hands on her, you will know that you need to get her no matter what. Her looks is so sexy. She's so slim, sleek and fast. I'm just so impress by her. Here's a picture and a review of her.

Bought her for RM1499 only (retail price was RM1788 =P) at Damansara Utama and she comes with an extra bag, a tripod, a protector for the LCD screen and a calculator.

She does micro, macro, panorama, potraits, etc... and everything else. WOW!!! Gonna take plenty of photos with her XD~~~

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Ten Ways to Add Abundance To Your Mind, Your Life & Your World

Got this from the web =P

Abundance isn't something you find from the outside. Abundance begins within and radiates outward. Find the ways that increase your abundance inside. Add time to your day, simplify, or make a difference in the world. Gratitude multiplies. Find something in these ten ways to add abundance to your life and enjoy the positive results it will attract.

For the full text click here

Saturday, September 04, 2004


Yo blogders! (blog + reader = blogders - Got this term from Xia Xue) I'll be going to Port Dickson this afternoon, gonna have a bbq there with some friends. It's gonna be fun! Gotta run... Ciaoz...

Friday, September 03, 2004


Went for my second gold lessons yesterday. We did the half swing and later we did a little of full swing. My swing still sucks! Can't even hit further than 50 yards. =.=|| Anyways, the coach was very helpful and teached me how to improve my game. He said I gotta have a more strength on left hand (I'm right handed) cause the left hand is controlling the club and will made the ball fly faraway. And vice-versa for lefties. =P

Went to gym today to strengthen my left hand. Woah, today's workout was awesome eventhough a friend ffk at the last minute. Carried lotsa weights on my left hand. Now I feel my left hand is stronger =D I'm definitely gonna improve my swing next week! Stay tuned!

Alzheimer's Test

Got this from Brian. =)

Alzheimer's Test

Count the "F's" in the following text:
Managed it ?
Scroll down only after you have counted them,

Do you think there are three?

How many ? 3?

Wrong, there are 6 !!--no joke.
Read it again.
The reasoning behind it is further down.
The brain cannot process "OF".
Incredible or what ? Go back and look
Anyone who counts all 6 "F's" on the
first go is a
Three is normal, four is quite rare.

Comments: I got 3 only... =\

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Happy Tree Friends?

Just saw the Happy Tree Friends flash clips... They might look damm cute, but they are damm kau violent... damm... Warning: If you are under 18 years old please do not visit Happy Tree Friends! You have been warned!

Click Here Happy Tree Friends Flash

Wednesday, September 01, 2004