Saturday, March 12, 2005

Japanese Class

10/03/2005 - Thursday

Went for my first Japanese class at ICLS Subang Jaya. Well, since my cousins are joining and I like Japanese songs, I joined it anyway =P

Our sensei, Fujiwara (our Jap teacher from Yokohama, Japan) did a brilliant job in teaching us! She made the class very lively, fun and exciting! And she's so 'semangat' until it just makes you wanna learn more =)

FYI, all ICLS teachers teaching Japanese classes are native from Japan. That's better because they are teaching it in their original form and partly also they would not teach us Japanese rojak... Lolz...

The first day was easy. Anyone wanna learn some basic Japanese?

I don't know Japanese yet, if there is any mistakes, kindly point it out. Here's we go...


Introducing myself:

Kim: hajime mashite (How do you do)
Kim: Kim desu (I'm Kim)
Kim: Dozo yoroshiku (Nice to meet you)

Telling & asking name:

Kim: o-namae wa? (What's your name?)
Lee: Lee desu

Introducing someone to other:
(Suzuki introducing Kim and Lee to each other)

Suzuki: kochira wa Kim san desu (This is Kim)

Kim: hajime mashite (How do you do)
Kim: Kim desu (I'm Kim)
Kim: dozo yoroshiku (Nice to meet you)

Suzuki: kochira wa Lee san desu (This is Lee)

Lee: hajime mashite (How do you do)
Lee: Lee desu (I'm Lee)
Lee: dozo yoroshiku (Nice to meet you)


Kim: Otaku wa dochira desu ka? (Where is your house?)
Lee: Ampang desu

Kim: Inaka wa dochira desu ka? (Where is your home town?)
Lee: Penang desu

Kim: o-kuni wa dochira desu ka? (Where is your country?)
Lee: mareshia desu (Malaysia)

otaku = house
inaka = home town
o-kuni = country
dochira = where (pronounce do chi da)



Ma re shia - Malaysia
Tai - Thailand
Sin ga pore lu - Singapore
In do ne sia - Indonesia
In do - India
A me ri ca - America
Ni hon - Japan
Chu go ku - China
Kan ko ku - Korea
Fi ri pin - Philippines
I gi ri su - UK


Bango (Numbers):

0 - zero
1 - ichi
2 - ni
3 - san
4 - shi (for normal number) / yon (for telephone number)
5 - go
6 - roku
7 - nana
8 - hachi
9 - kyu
10 - ju

Watashi no bango wa zero san no (dash) go roku san go no (dash) zero san kyu san
My number is 03 - 5635 - 0393



Ohayo gozaimasu - Good morning
Konnichiwa - Good afternoon
Konbanwa - Good evening
Sayonara - Good bye
Oyasumi nasai - Good night
Arigato gozaimasu - Thank you
Do itashimashite - You are welcome
Sumimasen - I'm sorry
Iie - No
Hai - Yes
Watashi - I
No - 's
Wa - is
San - Mr or Ms
Mo ichi do - One more time
Hajimemasho - Let's begin
Owarimasho - Let's finish

The class ended with owarimasho, sayonara and oyasumi nasai =)


12/03/2005 - Saturday

Happy Birthday Serena Ng! May all your wishes come true!

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