Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A Date With Yasmin Ahmad

24/04/2005 - Sunday

Skipped F1 just to meet up with Yasmin Ahmad (the director of 'Rabun' and 'Sepet')" at Setenang.org.

Adrian, introduced us (about 17 people) to Yasmin. Yasmin is just fabulous and is a people person. She's also very open-minded and speaks fluent English, Malay, Cantonese, Japanese and little French. Wow!

Firstly, there was screening of Yasmin's past Petronas TV Adverts. After the adverts, there was screening of 'Rabun', Yasmin's first film. 'Rabun' won the Best Asean Feature Film (ABOVE 60 MIN) at the 8th Malaysian Video Awards Fest 2003. It has also been selected for four international film festivals, including being chosen for competition at the Torino International Film Festival 2003 in Italy.

'Rabun' (difficulty in seeing) is a story about an old couple where the husband has rabun and a wife who's the queen of the house. Hehe... This movie shows how they go through life despite the husband having rabun. The impact of the movie was the old couple was so loving, and would be running around the house just like little kids, eventhough they've grown old. That was so heart warming and sweet!

My ratings for Rabun: 4/5 - Watch it if you got the chance =)

After the screening, we had a photo session and we have Bro Wong presenting a terrarium to Yasmin.

Bro Wong presenting a terrarium to Pn. Yasmin

After that, we had a mamak session and everyone was asking Yasmin about 'Rabun' and 'Sepet'. Why this happen lar, why that happen lar, etc... Ahh... If you guys wanna know, come for the screening of Sepet at Setanang.org in the near future =P Currently, Yasmin is making another film called 'Gubra'. Let's hope it's as good as 'Rabun' and 'Sepet'. We chit-chatted and we adjourned at about 12 midnite.

What a day! Adrian, thanks for organizing this event. Really enjoyed meeting up with Yasmin. Looking forward for more events like this in the future. =)

Also, remember to visit Yasmin's blog.


25/04/2005 - Monday

Happy Birthday Shamini Nadarajah! Wishing you the beauty of life in all it's simplicity. May all your wishes come true! Smile always and get happy! Have lotsa fun & enjoy! Take care!

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