Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Encouraging Words...

The other day, I overheard Celes jie talking about encouragement. She said 'keep on encouraging until you see something happening'. That statement really openned my mind.

It's no use to force people to do things if they do not want to do it. But if you keep on encouraging and encouraging, this will give them confidence that they can do it. Eventually they will want to do it and you see miracles happening... Wow! It seems so clear to me now... So guys, remember to encourage people!

Below are some 'Words to Forget' and 'Words to Remember'.

Words to Forget

I can't
I'll try
I have to
Should have
If only
I, me, my
Yes, but

Words to Remember

I can
I will
I choose to
Will do
Next time
You, your
Yes, let's do it

Hope you've enjoy the words and have a great day you guys!

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