Wednesday, December 15, 2004

caRie is feeling BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

all work and no blog makes caRie a dull gal.
caRie doesn't want to be a dull gal.
Thus caRie is blogging!

I haven't really spent my time online for the past dayssssssssssss. I felt very sorry for myself. Everyday having the same routine really kills me. Wakes up - eat - work - eat - work - home - eat - waste time - sleep. Will I be doing this til the day I die? Hmm, now this is something for me to think about.

But as for our fren DKBU, he's busy watching pirated movies and also spamming my email! ;P Movie reviews' nice! i love watching movies!!!! I think I spent all my money on DVDS, that's why caRie is broke now! :( Would anyone donate me a penny? ;P

Current mission : To collect as many forwarded mail as possible just to bomb someone's account. So whoever who has nice mails do forward to me at Thanks. Don't ask what the fuck is the *.sg al about. I am not a fucking kiasu fella, it is just that I dunno how the fuck on earth it got there sticking to my *.com

Anyway, 'nuff said. Tata!

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