Monday, December 27, 2004

So Kung Fu Hustle is really that nice? Well, was it a wrong choice for me to continue heading to the cinema though I wasn't feeling well? When the rest were laughing hysterically, I was there sitting.. trying to join the crowd.. and they said that laughter is the best medicine.. but I can hardly laugh.. stomach pain la weih! What is I puke while I was laughing? That would be worse, right? Erm, should I go for the 2nd round? ;)

Anyways, guess most people would have known what happened by now, the tsunami... Well, I guess it was a great shocked for most people in Malaysia as we are always the lucky ones to be out of all this kind f disasters but luck is not on our side this time. Well, my deepest condolences the the victims' family. I was at my house when the incident happen but it didn't affect my area at all. Reason.. I wasn't staying in the island itself but Prai, which is like in the Peninsular of Malaysia. My eldest sister who was in Kentucky called early in the morning after being awaken by her in-law upon the news. He insisted that my sis calls to ensure that we are all alrite here in Penang. Just a very short time and thousands of lives are gone forever... Sad to say but shouldn't we who are more fortunate to take this chance to start to treasure peole around us better?

As I was sitting there talking with my parents before bedtime yesterday, we was talking about what to do if a disaster like this would happen in our house. What will we do with all of our dogs???

Mum : We do not have like 10 chains for the dogs!!
Dad : *lol* just open the kennel and let them run free and save their own life!! hahaha!!!
Mum : Hmm, what about the puppies?
Mum : I think you better put the puppies at somewhere high in case the water rise up and drown the puppies while we are sleeping.
Me : *lol* Ma, if anything happened, what would you save?
Mum : Nothing
Me : But why?
Mum : Cuz EVERYTHING is valuable and I can't afford to save all of it
Me & Dad : *silent* :-/
Mum : *lol*

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