Wednesday, January 19, 2005

bumping into someone

The traffic ain't that smooth today, all thanks to the stupid moron who came out with the idea of making changes at ne of the junction that I always use to turn out from my housing area, and this will be for permanent? That's very not nice of you, you know? The moment I turn right and go straight from my house, there's where the jam starts.. all the way til the industrial estate. Thank God there are few traffic police taking charge else I guess I will reach office late everyday!

Anyway, on the way to work today, I was driving and I see a back of a motorcyclist and well, it looks rather familiar.. the helmet, the jacket, and the bike of course! Appears so much to be one of my ex-colleague from my previous workplace. I try to go beside that fella and *bingo* it is someone that I know... Unfortunately, I appeared invisible so he didn't actually notice me driving beside him. Question is...

When bumping into someone you haven't seen for quite some time in this kinda situation, what should we actually do?

(a) Honk at him, hoping he'll turn over?

I however think that this is not a very good idea. Know why? I could still remember a couple of months ago when I was driving my dad's and there was this ahpek on his old old motorcycle and he stops at the middle of the road. I do not know if he's going straight or he'll be turning into the junction. What if I try to overtake ahpek and ahpek suddenly turns? Sure he'll tumbang and caRie is at fault.. it is always this way cuz car is bigger, bike smaller.. so if an accident involves car and motorcycle sure people are going to think that it's the fault of the car driver. Anyway, to give ahpek a sign that I wanna take over, I *honk honk* and he was shocked and nearly jatuh from bike (-___-) Macam nak pff balance aje!
(b) Window Window.. window's down... and shout, "oiii~", hoping he'll hear your voice eventhough it's so noisy on the road?
Also not a very good idea. What if he turns over and see you, then he didn't concentrate on the road and *bang* kiss the ass for the car in front?
(c) Follow him at his back, flash light until he finally notices?
If someone were to do this to me early in the morning, I don't think I will notice, or even if I notices, I won't give much a damn about it cuz it is a broad day light.. pretend tak nampak aje lah!
(d) Etc? Any suggestions?
Thus, I can't figure out a solution except for this:-
Bang him, make him tumbang, get down the car, then by then I'm sure he'll notice you!
Hahaha! I am just kidding. But then it has been so many times that I encountered this kinda situation.. and some involves some very very long lost friend....! and I swear if I were to see them again on the road, and again it's in this kinda situation, hell yeah I am going to bang them!

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