Friday, January 07, 2005

New Year Liport

31/12/2004 - Friday (New Year's Eve)

Today is the last day of the year. Headed over to Carmen's Seafood & Wine in Wisma Lim Fu Yong for the nite. Reached there about 9pm. Parking is free from 9pm onwards. Woo hoo... free parking!

Met up with Kim, CF and many many new faces. We ate, chit chatted, donated money for tsunami victims, drink, etc. We also had a singing contest, beer drinking contest and a birthday party. It was great!

The Stage

The peeps having fun

01/01/2005 - Saturday (New Year's Day)

As soon as the clock struck 12:00am, everyone was shouting here and there, shaking hands, hugging each others wishing everyone a very Happy New Year! People were bursting balloons, dancing and drinking. It was a fun day. All of us left the place about 1:30 am.

Happy New Year! People bursting balloons...

Outside the restaurant, we saw some 'young cikus' roller-blading and skate-boarding in the middle of the road after midnight. Luckily there was not much cars passing on this road. Is this their version of celebrating New Year's day? Weird and siao O_o o_O

People roller-blading and skate-boarding on the road during midnight!

Eventhough our PM called off the the fireworks and celebration, Jalan Sultan Ismail was jammed with people and cars. Why is there a jam? Because the no use policeman blocked the road ahead and made it a single lane so that they can check every single vehicle to cari makan =X After the blockage by the police, the traffic was very smooth flowing.

The jam on Jalan Sultan Ismail

Reached home about 2:30am and I went straight to bed... zzZZzzzZZZ....

Woke up about lunch time. Ate lunch and watched TV. Had dinner with the family at the vegetarian shop in Damansara Utama (next to Starbucks) and later went to vist my grandparents.

02/01/2005 - Sunday

Woke up and had dim sum with the family at Tai Thong Tropicana. Mmm... the dim sum here still tastes so delicious...

Cleanned and tidied my room and later watched Taekgukgi: The Brotherhood Of War.


The story: "Taegukgi" is the story of two brothers who are unwillingly drafted into the South Korean army following the outbreak of the Korean War in June 1950. The older brother (Dong-gun) strives to protect his younger brother (Bin) on the battlefield while struggling to find a way to have him discharged so he can return to their village and care for the family they left behind. However, as the war progresses, the horror and violence they witness begin to take its toll on each man and sever their bonds as brothers and soldiers. Featuring large-scale battle sequences and an intimate and complex look at the social consequences of the Korean War on its country and people, "Taegukgi" offers a unique perspective on "The Forgotten War", which permanently divided a nation and turned friends and families into...

Review: I'm not a big fan of war movies and I watched this film because a lot of people recommended me to watch it. This movie shows us the real face of war and how gruesome it is. The special effects for the film is cun! The movie on a whole is good but somehow I prefer Silmido more. Wonder why?

My ratings for Taegukgi: 4.5 / 5 (Watch it to expereience a real war)

03/01/2005 - Monday

Went to gym. Tried Power Yoga. The class was less than 10 people. Some of the moves in Power Yoga were easy while some were really hard. Anyways I enjoyed the class. ^_^

04/01/2005 - Tuesday

Down with cold and fever. Couldn't wait to get back home. Reached home and sleep the whole nite =P

05/01/2005 - Wednesday

Didn't go to work today. Just rested at home.

06/01/2005 - Thursday

Back to work. Feeling better, still haven't fully recovered.

07/01/2005 - Friday

About 90% recovered. Must get more rest!

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