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Ronda-ronda Trip....

01/05/2005 - Sunday (Labour Day)

Xinni planned this wonderful ronda-ronda trip around Kampar, Kuala Kangsar, Ipoh & Bidor. While, Vijay offered to let us stay overnight at his new condo in Ipoh. Thanks guys!

We're suppose to meet up at Xinni's house in Cheras at about 9am. But you know lar, it's Sunday and everyone's fashinably late =P~ In the end, all of us met up at Xinni's house at about 10am. Then, we when to Steven's Corner to have breakfast. There we met up with Vijay and Mei Han.

After some roti canais, we filled up our petrol tanks at the nearest petrol station and we zoomed straight to Kampar.

Car 1 - (Vijay, Mei Han, Kavi)
Car 2 - (Michael, Lauren, Lai Peng)
Car 3 - (DKBU, Neeraj, Xinni)

I thought its would be a long journey. Turned out it was a short drive (2 hours plus) because both the passengers (Neeraj & Xinni) in my car was having a stimulating discussion. What's the stimulating discussion all about, you might ask. It's for us to know and for you to find out... =P~

We arrived at Kampar about noon. Just in time for lunch. We had the lou shue fun, the green drink (some kind of grass), the fish balls and fried fish cake. Ooo... it's all so yummy =P~

Lou Shue Fun

The green drink "Yummm Senggg!"

Fried fish cake

After lunch, we took some photos of the Old SB Rex Cinema and drop by CB to buy some biscuits. I'm still wondering what does CB stands for. So we had a game on guessing what CB stands for. Here is what we came up with - China Biscuits, China Boy, Cute Babe, Cruel Bastard, etc...

Old SB Rex Cinema

CB Biscuit Shop

After all that, we continued our journey to Xinni's hometown in Kuala Kangsar. The drive was slow because after all the food, everyone's tired and sleeping... hehe... We met Xinni's parent. They're nice people and they brought us to makan-makan in a Malay hawker centre. There we tried the cendol, laksa, rojak, etc.

After food, we took a stroll in the park behind the hawker centre. We took some pictures of park, boats, bridges, tanks, etc.

Park behind the Malay hawker centre


Famous Bridge (Err... forgotten the name =P)

Warning Signboard

Old Tank

Neeraj showing off his gymnastic skills

After that we drop by the Masjid Ubudiah and Istana to take some pictures. And we also drop by the city to take a photo of a jet plane. Weird lar, putting a jet there =P

Masjid Ubudiah

Jet plane

After all the photo sessions, we headed back to Ipoh to Vijay's condo. The drive was interesting - lotsa twist and turns and mostly down hill. Woo hoo... Kinda felt like Takumi driving downhill from the Initial D anime. We finally arrived at Vijay's condo about 7:00pm. Walaueh, the apartment is huge! Anyways, some of us rested while the others went for swimming in condo pool while is quite huge.

After everyone have recharged, we went over to a hawker centre in Ipoh. We tried their chu cheong fun, seafood, hor fun, white coffee, etc. We were all busy eating and suddenly Neeraj got a crab shell stuck in his throat. Haiya, no need eat so fast lar man... We got some chee cheong fun and we asked him to swallow it all down. Phew, luckily the crab shell went down, if not gonna visit the hospital.

We were busy eating... no time to take pics =P~

After that, we went over to Lou Wong Taugeh Ayam Kuetiaw for their famous taugeh, chicken and hor fun. But before that, since everyone was so full, we went to the shop behind Lou Wong to do some shopping. I bought some Ipoh White Coffee and The Butterfly Heong Peah as recommended by Lai Peng (Note: Haiyo, should have bought more, it's so delicious). After shopping, we went for their pasar malam (night market). Didn't really buy anything, just walk and see =D After all the walking, we were ready to eat again. We met Tim (Michael's friend) who drop by after attending a wedding dinner nearby the area.

We all went to Lou Wong to try out their stuffs. The taugeh was fat and juicy and the the kuetiaw soup was one of the best I've tried. Yum yum.... *Burps* Also, it's amazing to see Michael finish everything for us because we were too full. For his skinny body type, he can really eat! What an eye opener! =P~

After the nice supper, the rest went back to Vijay's apartment while a few of us went driving around looking for 7-11 to buy some stuffs. Haiya, it's damm hard to find the bloody 7-11 =X After we bought our stuffs, we also headed back to Vijay's condo.

Fat juicy taugeh

Lou Wong (Photo blur lar)

Arriving at Vijay's condo and after a delicious supper, we're gonna burn some fat and do some yoga aka we played 'Twister'.

Twister consist of a mat with circles and colours and a spinning wheel. Firstly, we have to spin the wheel and the wheel will tell us what to do. For example, if the needle lands on right hand on the blue circle, then you put your right hand on the blue circle. If you fall, you're out of the game. It seems easy at first but will get very complicated later in the game. Phew what a great work out game!

After twister, we played Taboo! I won't go into details on how to play this game. But there were some funny phrase like 'A Orange Pussy'. What are you guys thinking about? It's Garfield lar... =P


After Twister and Taboo!, all of us was tired and we went to bed. Err... because there was not enough bed, most of us slept on the floor.

02/05/2005 - Monday (Holiday)

All of us woke quite early and got ready for some Ipoh dim sum. We headed over to Ming Court Hong Kong Dim Sum. We reached there about 8am but there's already so many people eating already. It's full house and the business is really really good! I tell you, we have to stand next to a table to pressure those people to eat faster. Wahaha... that's fun =P~

Ming Court Hong Kong Dim Sum

Finally after waiting about 20 mins, it's our turn to eat while others stand next to our table to eat. Hehe... Initially we ordered enough dim sum. But to our surprise, every dim sum we ordered have double layer. Woah... now we have 2 times the dim sum. So everyone eat as much dim sum as they can lar. The dim sum was really yummy~ and one of the best dim sums I've tried. As usual, we cannot finish everything, so we see Michael sapu everything again lar. After he finished everything, we asked for the bill. To my surprise, the bill was around RM100+ That's really cheap! If we to eat that much of dim sum in KL, it would have cost us double or triple the price.

The Yummy Dim Sums

Michael sapued everything

After a big breakfast, we decided to walk around the Ipoh town. We went over to a shop that sold this chicken wrapped in paper and heated using salt. Some of us ordered it. Nah, I didn't order it. So full jor, still wanna order meh? They say they wanna tapao. After that we jalan-jalan around some more.

Cooking the chicken wrapped with paper and it's heated using salt

3R for 20 cents - That's cheap!

To Run Business - I don't get the meaning

Later, we walked to the best tau fu far shop in town where they make the best tau fu far. Unfortunately, they are just openning and have to wait for 1 and half hours for them to cook the tau fu far. Because we have to rush for time, we didn't wait. We headed back to our cars and we went to see the Pamelo girls.

Best tau fu far shop

I've been hearing a lot of stories from Stupe about these Pamelo Girls. When our cars arrive, all stay out in front of their stalls ala Army style. And they're not pretty also =P Stupe, what so special about them? After buying some pameloes, we headed off to Lata Kinjang waterfall. We had a fun time playing in the water =)

The Pamelo Girls

Buying Pameloes

We arrived at Lata Kinjang an hour later. Walau, so many cars around lar. Luckily there was a few more space available. After parking our cars, we changed and hike up to the waterfall. The waterfall is really big and nice.

Sign Board

Welcome to Lata Kinjang

Check out the T-shirts

T-shirts from another shop

Children having a fun day at the waterfall

Lata Kinjang Pic 1

Lata Kinjang Pic 2

Lata Kinjang Pic 3

After the playing in the water for a while, we were hungry and headed to Bidor for some delicious Duck Mee. *Slurps Slurps*

Duck Mee - *Burps* So nice until finish already only take pic =P~

After some lunch, we headed back to KL. There were some jams in the highway. Luckily it was not all the way. Just some parts of the highway. Reached home safely at about 6pm. After a short while, Andrew called for dinner.

We had steamboat and BBQ ala all you can eat at Restoran Talipon with Andrew, Eleena, Wendy, Kyle and Mervin. That's a funny name for a restaurant - Telephone Restaurant. Hmm... I don't see them serving telephones??? Lolz... Anyways, it's nice seeing Wendy being promoted doing pretty well. After dinner, we left about 9pm. Went back home and straight to dreamland... zzZZzzzZZZ...

Restoran Talipon

Steamboat and BBQ at Restoran Talipon

What a weekend! Food, food food all the way =P~~~ Would do it again but not anytime soon. Gotta go to the gym to burn off all those delicious foods first!

Here I wanna thank Xinni and Vijay again for organizing this fun and enjoyable ronda-ronda trip! You guys rock!

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