Monday, October 11, 2004

Kuala Selangor Trip

I'm back from Kuala Selangor! Saw lots of fireflies ^_^

09/09/2004 Saturday - We left KL about 5:30pm. We stopped at the Sungai Buloh makan-makan area to wait for the rest of the Rotaractors. Then we were our way and we were caught in a traffic jam for awhile. Then we came to some twisting and winding roads. Finally we arrived at the River View Seafood Restaurant about 8 plus.

River View Seafood Restaurant

There were about 20 of us. We chit-chated and get to know one another while waiting for the delicious food XD~ Irene, the trip organizer introduced us to Raja and Kumar who are going to be our trekking guide tomorrow. You know the funny thing, some of the rotaractors know Tom. Even the guides know Tom. Tom! You are too famous la.... everyone knows you. Anyways, here comes the food....



Crabs with two hammer?

Makan-makan seafood

The seafood was fresh, delicious and yummy! My rating: Recommended! ^_^ By the time we finished dinner, it was about 10:15pm. We quickly rushed to the firefly jetty because last boat leaves about 10:30pm. We reached the ticket counter just in time, we bought the boatride tickets for RM10 per adult and we were given a bottle of mineral water. We proceded to the jetty, strapped on our lifejackets. Since a boat can take about 15-20 people, we need to split the group into two. I was in the second group. We boarded the boat and straight we go to see the fireflies!

Welcome sign-board

Since it was a small boat, I expected the boat to be rocky but the water was so clam that nite. The boatmen (malay pakcik) advised us not to use flash if we are going to take photos. Errr... how to take pictures since it was total darkness -.-|| I tried to take alot of picture without the flash, the fireflies only appear in one photograph.

The one photo that captured the fireflies

The pakcik ask us why we were so late, cause most the fireflies usually hang out around 8-9pm and the fireflies do not come out to play when it's raining. Anyways, we saw alot of fireflies like to trees decorated with blinking lights. =) There was one point that the pakcik stop by the bushes and capture two fireflies and put it on our hands. (DO NOT CATCH THE FIREFLIES! If they caught you doing that they will fine you RM500!)

So we were passing the from one hand to another. Out of the sudden one of them flew off, the other one also few off later. Wow! the firefly was really tiny. It was so tiny and yet it can flash lights from it butt! Isn't it a marvelous creature? lolz..... Anyways, good things have to come to an end. The boatride lasted about half an hour. It was short but sweet! ^_^

Catching firefly and picking leafs is prohibited! Fine Rm500

We came out of the boat, removed our lifejackets and we started to take some group photos. And we all thanked Irene for arranging a wonderful trip. Then, it was time to say goodbye. Half of the group have to leave for KL while half of us stayed another day. 11 of us including me are staying for the nite.

We left the jetty at about 11:30pm and make our way to the dormitory in Kampung Belimbing. We reach in about 15 minutes drive but have to wait for awhile for the key to the dorm. Hmm... all the 11 of us gonna stay in the same dorm - 6 guys and 5 girl. We rested for a while in the dorm and they wanted to go nite trekking. It was about 12:30am jor, still wanna go trekking? Anyways, we brought out our torch lights and we are suppose wear long pants and shoes. Spray some insect repellent and we were to leave all valuables in the dorm for safety purposes. (So no digital cam -.-||) We are not suppose to make noise or swear during trekking. hehehe.... Finally after all the preperations, we were ready to go trekking in the middle of the nite about 1am.

They trekking trail was extremely dark! Luckily it was all flat land. We reached a tower and all of us went up to see the surrounding view. Wow! it was quite a spectacular view. Lotsa trees and a giant pond which have dried up. We saw fireflies from the tower too. This time is was the big sized ones. Woo hoo... We then went back and reached the dorm about 2am plus.

Since there was no water, the guy in charge of the place, gave us a shalley for taking bath and to wash up. The girls decided to take a shower at the shalley. And we guys are starting to play UNO already. We played and played for a long time. The girls came back about half an hour and joined us. We played a few warm up rounds. After that, we started to include punishments for the last two person. It was going to 5am and I wanted to sleep but no, they dragged me to play some more. In the end, Lauren and I kena punishment. Apalar.... lucky just put some toothpaste on the forehead only. Oooo... forehead so cooling.... After that, I really want to sleep liao but no! they want to off the lights and tell ghost stories. Chi sin geh... going to 5:30am liao... when they off the lights, I went straight to dreamland eventhough they were noisy telling whatever ghost stories. hehehe.....

10/10/2004 Sunday - The next morning, woke up about 7:30am and get ready to go trekking again but half of them still sleeping... What to do, we wanted to wake the rest ala army style. lolz... but we didn't la... So, only about 7 of us were ready at 9am to go trekking.

The trekking trail

We were trekking and came to split, one way to the giant dried pond, another way was the continuation of the with the trek. We decided to walk on the giant point. The floor was soft, real soft. We have to be careful not to go too far in to the middle of the pond or we will sink into the mud. We saw lots of birds and there were lotsa seashells on the ground.

Dried pond with 4 gulls

There was one place where there is super soft ground and I decided to leap forward. HUGE MISTAKE!!! I leapt (what I thinking about?) and my foot got stuck in the mud cause the ground is too soft. I got mud all around my right foot. I cleanned up and we moved on.

Lesson learned: Never jump on soft ground or really really soft ground. Just walk across it and if you start sinking just continue to walk, don't stop! It will be better then jumping! =P

At the end of the pond, we continue with the trekking trail. We caught some interesting photos.

Close up of a flower

Two flies doing their thing... lolz...

Later, while going back we met up with the other guys. We also met UPS people doing community service by planting trees and cleaning up the area. We finished trekking about 11:30am and everyone was hungry. We then went for branch at about 12 plus.

We ate a few shop down the River View Restaurant. We ordered some fried rice and some noodles. Since there was a shop that sells locally produced stuffs next door, half of us went for shopping. Bought some tiny ikan bilis and some keropoks. =) After finish shopping, our food arrived (ngam ngam hou) and we ate. Food was OK, nothing spectacular.

At about one, we went to Bukit Malawati. We went for the tram ride which cost about RM2 per adult. We went up the hill and we stopped there to take photos. The view there was great. There was a light house up there too but we are not allowed into the lighthouse. We took group photos and with the monkeys.

Taman Melawati Lighthouse

After visiting Bukit Malawati, we went back to the dorm about 2pm and pack to go home. We said goodbyes to everyone and we thanked Irene again for the splendid job she did in organizing this trip. Irene, hope you organize more trips like this one in the future! We left about almost 3pm and Fu fetched me to Holiday Villa open area car park where I parked my car. We reached there about 4pm. Took my car and drove staright home. Reached home about 5pm. Unpacked everything and had a shower.

Had porridge for dinner and played with my new PC for awhile. Still need to install lotsa stuff there. hehehe....

Later, my sister and I watched Windstruck (Korean show) on DVD. Bought this DVD a few days about. Here's a review of the show. Click here. Watch this movie if you like romantic and commedy movies =) My ratings for Windstruck: 4/5

Shout out for people who are having their birthday on 10/10/2004 - Mark Tan and Karen Ng. Happy Belated Birthday guys!

Shout out to Qus whose birthday falls on 11/10/2004. Happy Birthday bro!

Also to the ever cute Jessie Lim whose birthday falls on 12/10/2004. Happy Be-Early Birthday girl!

May all you guys have the best birthday ever and may all your wishes come true! =) Click HERE for your present! =P

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