Saturday, August 28, 2004

Changing A Flat In 5 Minutes!

I sent my car to the mechanic yesterday because there was problems with the drive shaft. Yes, I'm driving a Proton and I discourage people to buy Proton cars. Yeah, Proton sulks! Period! The cars is about 2 years and already giving me a lot of problems. The damages: 2 door handle broke liao, 3 power windows spoil, colour of the mirror is fading, tyres really noisy, engine is vibrating like hell, and now the drive shaft giving me problems... what else is gonna happen to this car?

So, today I'm taking my mum's car. Unfortunately also a Proton. Her car condition is okay but not without problems. I was driving to work today and on the highway I heard a funny noise. Then I pulled over to the emergency lane and found I have a flat tyre. WTF! Early in the morning of Saturday! Just spoils my mood man!

So I put on my hazard light and open the booth. Luckily a jeep pulled over. Whadaya know? It's the Plus Ronda guys. They asked me what was the problem. I told them I have a flat tyre here. They asked if I needed help. I said sure. They asked me do i need a jack. I said sure. They I remove the spare tyre from the boot and place it on the road. Then I started unscrewing the nuts. Then the Plus Ronda guys helped me jack the car. Then I removed the tyre, replaced it with the spare and screw it nice and tight. Then the Plus Ronda guys unjack.

Then when they are walking back to the jeep, I gave them RM10 for duit kopi. Don't get the wrong ideas, I'm not bribing them. Just a token for the swift job they did. I know a lot of people will not pay them. But I always practice this law: When you give, you will receive it back (in another form or other). =D Total time taken for the whole process to change a flat was less than 5 minutes! That's fast! XD By the way, this is my first time changing a flat. Always learned to change a flat, but this time I doing the practical. Driving like a slow tortoise now. Reached the office about 15 mins late nia. Will bring my mum's car to my mechanic this afternoon. There goes my Satuday...

Lesson learned:
1. Always stay calm.
2. Always have a spare tyre, and make sure it works. (very important if you are driving long distance!)
3. Make sure you have all the tools neccesary to change a flat.
4. Might consider buying a mini jack. It's so convenient.
5. When people help you, help them back. Give them a token of appreciation (for my case, some duit kopi)


Mindy said...

Hmm, I thought everybody is in the Merdeka mood, and everything about M'sia boleh. Somehow someone here bashes about buatan negara?? Anyway, I agrees that giving out the tips is good, I don't think it's considered duit kopi. Today when I was eating in McD, a woman in a nun attire ask for donations for St Joseph's Orphanage. When my friend and I ignore her, she call us 'Chinks'. To people who donated, she said 'God bless you.' I thought God suppose to bless everybody?? It's sooo obvious that she's a fake. I pity people who gave their money away.

DKBU said...

Hmmm... wat is chinks?? Chicks I know lar.... lolz... XD~