Monday, August 23, 2004

Movie: Collateral

Went to watch Collateral with Teik Seng and Mei Mei Sunday afternoon at TGV One Utama.

The story:
Max (Foxx) is a failed comedy writer living in Los Angeles who makes a living as a cab driver. This movie focuses on one very tumultuous day for Max, as he figures out that the fare (Cruise) he's been driving around all day is a contract killer, committing a series of hits. Now, it's up to him to somehow stop the killer from executing the last witness... as well as himself.

My comments:
The movie was a real suspence from beginning till the end! The music was great... really complimented the action scenes... make me damm kan cheong! =D You're gonna love this movie! Good acting from Tom Cruise (with grey hair in this movie @@!) and Jamie Foxx. The thing that i disliked about this movie was it's weak ending. Overall, good watch.

My ratings:
4 out of 5

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Stupe said...

wah kong...

vely good ah...never know u also blog...


DKBU said...

Stupe: Now u know lor... =D

DKBU said...

Stupe: Now u know lor... =D

DKBU said...

stupe: just started... =)