Sunday, September 19, 2004

Matta Fair

When to MATTA Fair yesterday. This time it was held at PWTC. Reached there about 4:30pm. When I entered the hall... WOW! The turnout was incredible! There were so much people! Just like PC Fair and BTW this is my first time attending a travel fair. Admission is not free thought - have to pay RM3 which was okay for me =)

There were lots of promotions on packaged tours. There were a few vacation club memberships where you can stay at any their hotels for 7 days or more for free for the next 30 years.... I told the sales girl "Crazy ar... No one will offer this kind of deal lar" [Aiyo, later I found out never never say this] Then she tarik me and got me some drinks and explain all the details to me for more than half an hour. Then in the end, she told me, the price - RM19,000!! Then she say no need pay so much... onli pay 10% down payment. Apalar... last onli tell the price! I told her I don't want to get the membership, then she called her manager. The manager came to talk to me, closing me lots of times. I told them, sorry... out of budget! Aiyo, the girl should have qualify me earlier and not spend so much time explain and explain and explain.... then last onli tell price.... Luckily the girl was abit leng if not I cabut long time liao.... =P

Next, I when to another booth, doing the same thing again... I immediately ask what is the price of the membership... Then something weird happened. He ask me to fill in the form and he will give me a free hotel stay for 3d2n.... OK lar... I fill in... Then he asked me to listen to a talk. I say I got no time.... I told I got 10 mins only! Basically his pitch was same as the earlier lady, so I ask him to go staright to the point and tell me the price.... he told me RM11,000! I told him sorry no budget! Why do all salesperson always assume the sale??? Why they didn't qualify first??? Anyways, he still gave me the voucher to stay 3d2n at their hotel... at least I felt better =P

When around, they were hundreds and hundreds of booth doing different tour packages. The popular ones were tour to Korea, Japan, Australia, China & Hong Kong, etc. I was interested in South Korea, Brazil and Dubai. A good time to go South Korea is in Septemeber and October because the weather is good below 20'C - cooling and no need buy winter clothes. Most of the travel agents do not carry Brazil and Dubai. Why ar? I also dunno why....

Passed the Sunway booth - they are gonna build a water theme park in Perak! Wah! Passed the Genting booth - they were promoting their hotel rates like for 30% to 40% cheaper and their famous cruise tours. Berjaya counter - they gonna build the biggest theme park in Bukit Tinggi in Asia in the next 10 years... Sure boh? Disneyland and Disneysea is so big in Japan wo... can bigger than them?

Then I went to a traveller's guidebook booth. Bought a book on Dubai for RM25.

MAS booth - they put up alot of computers and they were encouraging online booking at their booths. Their ticket price is ok lar... but nothing cheap. Country Heights booth - promoting their health center thingie... They wanted to take my pressure readings. I said ok. The machine is quite advanced, just put your hand on the machine for about 1 mins then the reading will come out. The reading: I was healthy! Yesss! Good to know that! But heart beats abit high... the guy asked me to do more exercise... Then, there was this middle aged man that look very healthy but his reading was worst than mine.... I got nothing to say =X and felt a little better =)

There was a booth asking for donation for the poor, the girl said if I donate I get a newspaper or some magazines. I donated and didn't want the newspaper or the mag. Eventhough my donation was small, I believe that if you do good, you will be rewarded, maybe not in money but in other form.

Then there was this bus in the middle of the conference hall. It was a double decker bus. Went inside it, they were promoting Taiwan stuffs - Taiwan traditional clothes was on display, Taiwanese cuisines and lotsa Ah Mei posters. Then there were booths promoting Turkey, Australia, Macau, Thailand, Philippines, Korea, etc. Had a nice chat with the Korean guy in the Korea booth. He was really friendly and speaks good English. He recommended that I visit Jeju Island (romantic place for couples), Seoul, the place where they film Winter Sonata (forgotten the place =X), their big themepark, etc... Later he gave me a travel guide to Korea. The guide was cool! Lucky didn't buy the travel guidebook from the earlier shop.

Finally, I found a booth that does Dubai tours. I asked the lady why no one is doing Dubai tours except this booth. Her reply was, Emirates Airlines control the tours to Dubai. Oh.... Other companies that have Dubai tours also have go through Emirates. And there was no discount rates going to Dubai. The rates is same the whole year except for their peak season surcharge... No wonder no other travel agents promote Dubai tours. I also asked her about Brazil. She told me that Brazil tour was too expensive (RM6k and above) so not much agents doing it. So des ka.... now I know =) Got her contact number and left.

It's already 8:00 pm and decided to leave the place. Walaueh... you know ler... Saturday nite in KL.... sure jam wan.... Caught in the jam for an hour. Reached home about 9:15pm and have dinner. (Left over fried rice)

Decided to watch the DVD's I bought, I watched Elf with my brother. The film was hillarious. It was about a baby that was raised in the Northpole with Santa and his elfs. When he grew up with the elfs, and he was very different from everyone. Then one fine day, it was time to tell him the truth (that he was human) because no human has ever set foot in the Santa's workshop. Santa asked him to find his father in New York. So he travelled back to New York and many interesting things happens.... I won't give you the ending.... hehehe.... go watch it.... My ratings: 4 out of 5

Watched some documentaries. Feeling too tired, I went to dreamland at about 1:00am .... zzzzzz

Lesson learned: Do not be tricked so easily by free stuffs. Nothing is free in the world except air =P and don't be too greedy.

P/S: Oh yeah! Mindy got the answer right for the "J" Game! *Clap! Clap! Clap!*

Clue for the rest, draw a table with four columns and label them with

1. Brother's Name
2. Brother's Wife Name
3. Brother's Location
4. Brother's Occupation

Go read the 13 statements and fill in the blanks and tell me the answer. BTW, played this game in the company meeting on Sat morning and the response was really well. Will give you guys the answer tomorrow! =)

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