Saturday, September 18, 2004

A busy week

14/09/2004 Tuesday - Back to work. Had tons and tons of emails and work. Later went to gym to work out.

15/09/2004 Wenesday - The company sent me to attend a seminar on personal selling (two day course). Met alot of people and had some fun games. One of the games is called the J game. We were given 14 strips (1 strip question and 13 strips statements). There was a total of 4 brothers and 4 wives and we were suppose to guess which brother is the journalist. Initially we damm blur case. After about 10 mins, our group won the game (we were divided into 4 groups). Wow! I thought we were the blurest group but with united teamwork, we can solve the problem easily. See whether you guys can solve the J game. =) Here's the J game:

1. Jeni married John.

2. The janitor brother moved to Jerantut.

3. Four brothers lived in Kuala Lumpur.

4. The judge brother moved to Jasin.

5. Jimmy moved to Johor Baharu.

6. The Jeweler brother married Jane.

7. The brother live in different towns.

8. Each husband and wife pair lives together in the same town.

9. Justin married Julia.

10. Joe married Jasmine.

11. Who is the journalist? <==== This is the question

12. Julia married the janitor brother.

13. All the four brothers and their wife no longer stay in Kuala Lumpur.

14. Jasmin lives in Jugra.

Will give you guys the answer in a few days =P

16/09/2004 - Went for day 2 of the seminar. The most memorable part was using a straw and poke it through a potato. Impossible? hehehe... How to do it? Get a potato and a straw (the straw must not be too soft). If you are right handed, hold the straw with your right hand and vice versa. Put ur thumb on the tip and the other fingers hold the straw - like you wanna kill the someone =X Then hold the potato with ur left hand. Firm grip the potato. Now, practise with driving the straw down (not at the potato! - practise first la) as fast as possible for about 10 times. When you are ready, drive the straw through the potato. If you fail, your focus is not strong enough =P Repeat the practise 10 times and try driving the straw through the potato again. Sure boleh wan. ^_^

When for my 4th golf lesson at nite. From the last lesson, I can only hit about 50 yards with a 7 Iron. But after some tips from coach, I was able to hit the golf ball above the 100 yard mark! (lil bit more than 100 yard) Woo hoo.... Yeah!!! I'm beginning to like this game! =D

17/09/2004 Friday - Back to work. Again tons and tons of work. When to the gym at nite. After gym, I was really tired. When back and pack the stuffs in my room (my room is really messy =X) and straight to sleep... zzzzzzz

18/09/2004 - Back to work again. Will go to the MATTA Fair at PWTC later this afternoon =P Wanna go Travel! Travel! Travel!

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