Monday, September 20, 2004

Beautiful Sunday

Aaarrrrhhhh.... it's Sunday, so nice to sleep.... woke up damm late about 1:00pm (long time didn't sleep so long liao =P ) Went for lunch with family at Tai Thong in Tropicana about 2:00pm (late lunch). We had their delicious dim sum and yee mee. Yummy!

After lunch, went to One Utama new wing for window shopping. Reached there about 3:20pm. First things first, always pay the ticket charges (RM1 flat rate) when you enter One Utama to avoid long queues later. Went to the new MPH to browse around. Bought a pen and Galaxie. While I was leaving, I saw Lilian lenglui, a schoolmate. Long time didn't see her liao. I know she works in MPH but I didn't know she works on Sundays. =P Have a chat with her and she asked me to listen to a talk by Dr. Lee and son about "Da Vinci West" which starts 4:00pm. It will be an hour talk about this guy from ancient China, Shen Kou and how he used his creativity to move up in ranks in the dynasty. Sounds interesting.... Ok lar, listen only mar no harm geh... since I haven't planned anything yet.

Lilian introduced her colleague, Kimmy, another lenglui. Chatted with her for a while. Then Kimmy introduced Mei Kun, yet another lenglui from McGraw-Hill. Chatted with her and later found out that they were organizing the event. The talk started at 4:00 pm sharp. Lee Jr. presented first. He talked about the life and achievements of Shen Kou. Shen Kou was very a very creative and capable person. He was an all rounder, good in all fields. Then Dr. Lee talked about the skills to be creative and he touched abit on applying it. Then there was a Q&A session. Actually, they were creating awareness and interest of Shen Kou to the public. They are writing the book and will be published soon in the future, most probably by McGraw-Hill. The talk ended about 5:00pm. The MPH staff finished packing about 5:15 pm and Kimmy was really hungry and wanted to have dinner. She invited me to dinner with Lilian and Mei Kun. Dinner so early?? I just taken my lunch about 2:00 pm. Nevermind la, I just went with the flow cause got lenglui invite. =) BTW, MPH staff can have 1 hour break in 1 day.

We when to the food court to makan makan. I was still full and just wanted a drink. Mei Kun asked what drink I like and she will go order it. I said watermelon. I wanted to pay for the drink, but Mei Kun declined. Why ar? Lilian ordered Singapore Mee Hoon, Kimmy ordered Kung Fu Chow while Mei Kun ordered orange juice. We sat down and they started discussing about books, publishing and the news about the books industry. Totally alien to me... =.=|| Just sat there, keeping quiet and enjoying their company =P We finished dinner about 6:00pm, we said goodbyes to each other. Lilian and Kimmy went back to work until 10:30pm (hectic hectic schedule) while Mei Kun when back to prepare her presentation for the following day. I continued window shopping of course!

There was a laarge crwod at the foyer. There was an acrobatics show going on. The acbrobats were from China and their performance were real good. Watch until the show ended 6:30pm. Went to Sealantis at the old wing to check the diving gears. Woah... you know what I saw on the board? I saw Discover Scuba Diving for free with certificate. WTF!? I gotta ask the girl at the counter was it really free because I paid RM150 last week at Tioman for Discover Scuba Diving course and I didn't get any certs. She told me that the course was free and the instructor will teach scuba diving for 15 mins in the swimming pool next to the shop. BTW, do you guys know that there is a swimming in One Utama?

Nothing spectacular... the instructor just taught the basic stuffs like how to breathe in the water using the regulator. 15 mins is just too short for discovery scuba. To get used to the equipments also took me about half an hour. At least I dived until 9 meters below sea level and saw lots of fishes and corals. My dive lasted about 75 mins and the theory part lasted about 90 mins. Total duration about 3 hours. Worth every ringgit I spent in Tioman evethough without the cert =) But if you just wanna check scuba diving out, it's a good place to start since it's FREE! Checked out their diving gears in the shop. One word from me "Everything is damm expensive!" Took some of their brochures about open water diving and advanced diving and left.

Head over to Giant to buy popcorns. I love popcorns! The popcorns can be found at the US section (foreign food). Bought 2 packs. One pack is about RM9 and contain 3 bags of popcorn. Just put in microwave for 2 to 4 mins and voila you get home made popcorns. Easy and delicious. Hehehe... XD~~~

Was going to the carpark. Saw a lady having problems with the parking machine. The lady called me asking me if I got some change or not. (This was the same parking machine I paid my RM1 note) I told her that earlier the machine accepted my RM1 note wo. But I realised that it's now accepting coins only. That's funny? Since no one have any change she asked me again. I said I got 70 sens only. She said nevermind, I asked her if she was sure about it. She said no problems because she has 50 sens and needed another 50 sens to pay for the ticket. She handed me RM1 note and I handed her the 70 sens. Wow! Like that also can! Acknowledged receiving extra money in my subconcious mind. =P

Reached home about 7:45pm and went out with my family at 8:15pm for dinner. We had vegetarian food at section 17. The vegetarian food was delicious. Reached home about 10:30pm. Had a family discussion about happenings and what to do during the year end holidays. =)

Checked some emails and straight to dreamland.... zzzzzzz

Lesson learned: When you hang out with lengluis, you will meet other lengluis. True or not I don't know.... wahahaha..... XD And always acknowledge good and positive things that are coming your way, forget about the negatives and you will find that more and more good things will start to happen. =)

P/S: Did you guys get the answer for the "J" game? Who was the journalist? If you guys followed the clue yesterday, you guys would have no problem at getting the answer. Yes, Joe was the journalist. This game can be be played in a group of 5 or more. This game taught us that if we were given a problem and it's a difficult to solve, we can cooperate with each other in the group to solve the problem. This will save us time and money.

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