Monday, September 27, 2004


KLCC Pic 1

KLCC Pic 2

25/09/2004 Saturday - After work, went to KLCC Petronas Twin Towers to collect a book I ordered from Kinokuniya. Reached KLCC about 2:45pm. It's been a long time since I visited KLCC. Took some pics of the magnificent building. Hehehe...

This reminds me of the memories I had during my industrial training and internship with a MNC (Multi National Company). It was the first place I worked in - KLCC Tower 2 on the 30th floor. Eventhough the training lasted about 2 months, the MNC thought me a lot of things and I met lots and lots of smart people. There were a few interns that I met during my training there namely - Adrian, Amy, Eliza, Faisal, Juliana, Tracy & Tuck Pooi. I remembered one day, we were running here and there taking pics on the skybridge.... ah... what sweet memories... And that's why everytime I visit KLCC sure very semangat of this place... hehehe....

Anyways, I got my book and left KLCC for Holiday Villa KL. I got appointment with moncherri916 at 4:00pm. She invited me as a guest for the KL Rotaract Club meeting. Met alot of people there. To my suprise, alot of people know Tom. Hmmm... Tom is so popular... The meeting was okay and they're launching their new website today. Then we had a game of acting.... why must act lar.... I can't act & I can't dance, so what you want me to do? My acting was terrible to the max =X We the adjourned the meeting at 6:30pm and we headed to Suzie's Corner for food XD~~~

Had my early dinner there about 7:00pm. We left about 8:30pm. Initially they wanted to hand out at Sucasa where they have live bands but I had to go for my cousin's bday. Next time guys... =) Sent moncherrie916 to KLCC and went to my cousin's place. Woah! There was so much food there and I already I had my early dinner... Ate a lil and chit-chat with my cousins... In the end, there were alot of left-overs. Reached home about 2:00 am and went straight to dreamland.

Lesson learned: If you can't act, don't try to act!

26/09/2004 Sunday - Woke up about 11:00am and had lunch at 12:00pm. Headed straight to Subang Coporate Tower to meet up with Gan of Blue Forest. Gan is also Tom's friend. Actually Gan needed some volunteers for a project and Tom sent me an email. So I go over and see what project they are involve with. I still have not decided on it yet... maybe I will let go of this project... hehehe... I got until tomorrow to confirm. We adjourned about 3:15pm.

There was so much noise downstairs and I went in to have a look. There was an event going on - F1 event by Mild Seven. Just went in and watch F1 on the big screen =D(I love watching F1!) There were some models keying in the data of people in the event into their IPAQ! Walau... so high tech man! I got a free Renault poster for registering ^_^ While watching F1, I saw the mostest beautiful girl I've ever seen. She was hot! Really hot! Even the all the models cannot compare to her. She has this incredible energy surrounding her! Most unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to talk to her, she was one of the organizer (not a model la!) and was running around solving problems. Aiseh.... better luck next time. After the race there were some dance performance from the Mild Seven dancers and some games. Left the place at 5 something.

Reach home about 6:00pm, and had a short nap. When out with family for dinner at 8:00pm. Had vegetarian food at Section 17 again. The food there is really delicious. XD~~~ Reached home about 10:00pm. Watched Astro until 12:00pm and went to dreamland.

Lesson learned: If a friend needs some volunteers, it does not mean you have to volunteer, it's all up to you. And if you see a lenglui, quickly wave to her and ask her to come over.... XD

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