Thursday, June 09, 2005

How I End Up Learning Japanese

One day (around 1999 I think), a friend introduced me to this song Alive, My Graduation and White Love by Speed. Don't know you guys know the song or not. But Speed (consist of 4 girls) and they can really sing! Their songs were really great and catchy! Since then I've been listening to many other Japanese songs (Jpop and Jrock) and have watched some Japanese dramas.

Have visited Japan in 2001. Well it was a short trip (about 5 days) but it was enjoyable. Visited Kansai Airport, Kyoto, pass by Mount Fuji, Mount Hakone, Yokohama and finally Tokyo. It was great to see the that Japan is so advance and yet have many beautiful landscapes.

The Japanese culture is so different from Malaysia. Whenever we enter a shop, every worker would greet us with a smile and bow to us including the boss. Walaueh... where to get such service in Malaysia?

Also, in the morning, everyone will be rushing to work. Wah! All the guys would be wearing a coat and tie while the ladies wore stokings and high heels running and rushing to their office! Respect! You'll never see something like this in Malaysia.

We also tried out the Shinkansen (bullet train) and it's really really fast (faster than ERL a lot) and it's a smooth ride all the way. Cun~

Nihon tabemono wa taihen ooishi desu! Tried their sushi, ramen, miso soup, Japanese shabu-shabu (steamboat), Japanese BBQ and etc... Yummy =P~~~

I can go on and on about Japan.... But if you ask me if I would love to go Japan again, I would! Definitely! But there's a problem. Everything in Japan is expensive lar. Anyone wanna sponsor me to Japan =P~

Anyways, if you guys get a chance, you guys should go and visit Japan!

Fast forward to 2005, since Daniel san, Desmond san and myself is interested in learning Japanese, we enrolled together for the class in ICLS. That's where we ended up at =P

The class was fun and enjoyable with a taihen omoshiroi (interesting) sense. Well Fujiwara sense will be going back to Japan very soon. So this coming Sunday, Fujiwara sense has invited us (the whole class) to her house for a party and try out some Japanese food... Ooo... Can't wait... =P~~~

After the party, we'll be sitting for our exam on Monday. So good luck everyone! Ganbatte ne!

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