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Sg. Congkak Trip

07/05/2005 - Saturday

This Sg. Congkak trip was organized by Lauren (RAC KL) and Jack (RAC Subang). Great job guys!

There's two groups going to Sg. Congkak. Group 1 (Lauren, Steven, Irene, Neeraj, Boon) arrived at the Sg. Congkak camp site in the afternoon. While Group 2 (DKBU, Jennifer, Jennifer's cousin, Jack, Joanne, Lilian, Harley, Anne, Ivan, John Lai, Garrett) reached Sg. Congkak in the late afternoon. We've initially planned for a BBQ at the camp site. But guess what? When we (Group 2) arrived, it's raining cats and dogs, how wanna BBQ?

Sg. Congkak Front Gate

Another shot of the Sg. Congkak Front Gate

There's a medan selera next to the front gate?

The walkway to the camp site

Anyways, we waited for the rain to stop. Luckily it stopped in a short while. While we waited for the tents to be set up, we introduced ourselves and get to know each other =)

The water is too Haiya, can't go in for a dip.

The tents all set up!

When the tents were up, we chose our tents and started to light the mosquito coils (essential for camping trips). And we remove the BBQ stove from Steven's car. The BBQ stove was black and have not been used for quite some time. Eeeee... Guess what? Lauren took it to the nearest toilet and wash it with her bare hands! Walaueh~ Respect lar!

Lauren returned with the cleanned BBQ stove and we started to put charcoal. Err... someone forgotten to bring the firestarter lar... Ish... The guys gotta start it using some newspapers and a lot of patience. While the girls are prepared some tuna with bread and also the chicken for BBQ.

The guys starting up the fire

When the fire started, everyone was BBQing like mad cause all of us are hungry =P~ We ate, we laughed and we enjoyed it! Hehe...

Soon it's getting dark and someone forgotten to bring lamps or candles. Aiyoh... how to BBQ in the total darkness? Luckily few of us brought some torchlights. I wonder, have any of you guys ever BBQed in total darkness with only a torchlight? Hehe... what an experience!

Setting up the stuffs. It's so dark that we need to shine a torchlight =P

Everyone BBQing like mad!

After BBQ, we played 2 rounds of Twister (not again!) in total darkness. The winners were Jennifer & Harley and Anne & Boon. Wow! They can really twist! =P

Human Entanglement

Wah! Nice Posse =P~

After 2 rounds of Twister, we played Charades. Charades is a game where you have to act out a phrase and your group must guess the phrase. The person acting out cannot talk or make any noise, they can only use hand, leg and body to act out the phrase. That game is so funny.

By this time, Vijay and Brahma arrived just in time to join the charades game. They brought some food and candles for us. Hooray! At last no need use torchlight jor =P

Playing charades

08/05/2005 - Sunday (Mother's Day)

You know, this passes so fast. It's already almost 2 a.m. All of the sudden, they asked me to stand in the middle. Hmm... okay, I complied. Haiya, they reallly really surprised me! They all sang Happy Birthday song and the Birthday song ala Rotaract style (the you're beautiful and no-bloody-use-at-all song =P) and gave me a candle to blow off. You guys miss the cake! Where's the cake lar? Anyways, I wanna thank the Rotaract people for remembering because I don't remember telling anyone about my birthday leh. Anyway, thanks guys!

After that, Vijay and Brahma gotta leave. Vijay got something to do in the morning.

After Vijay and Brahma leave, we played ben dum ben dum game. Can't remember how to sing it or how to play jor. But it requires a lot of concentration.

After the not so nice game, we played 'heart-attack' game. Anne taught us how to play it. We were give a topic like fruits. Then we sit in a circle and name a fruit. That's be your nick name for that round (Tips - Get long and hard to remember nicknames). Then, Anne will distribute the cards on by one. And if both have the same numbers, ie King and King. Both the player have to call out each other nicknames. Whoever can recall the other person's nickname first wins and all their cards will be passed to them. After that the round continues until the all the cards are distributed. The person with the most cards is the loser. Then, it's up to the winners on what you wanna punish him to do. It was a really fun game! We started calling ppl mangostene lar, durian lar, rambutan lar... Then there's a round with animals lar... hehe...

Heart Attack Game - Fun!

After the interesting heart attack game, some of them went for a walk around the woods in total darkness. I went to sleep, it's already 3 a.m. plus and it's been a long day.

The next morning, was woken up by Anne's shouting. Haih... thought wat happen tim... some of them were already in the waters (the water is really cold, cause it just rained yesterday), splashing waters here and there, shouting here and there, like small kids =P (BTW, it's only 8am and it's Sunday lar)

Crazy kids splashing water and shouting here and there

The water has calm down

The greens

After waking, we got everyone to get up and have breakfast. We have tuna with bread. Nice! Was surprise to see Jennifer still around. She say she gotta go off at 7 a.m. because she has a seminar in the morning. Guess we had so much fun, that she decided to join us =P

After breakfast, Jack started collecting money from all us for the BBQ food like a loan shark. Hehe... We took a group photo and after that we were ready to jump into the cold waters for a dip. Oh... it's so cold! =D

Ready to jump in!

After a dip, we changed and packed. It's time to go back.

Packing to go home

We left Sg. Congkak about 12pm. We had lunch at Restoran Lisan in Cheras. Tried their pan mee and popiah. The pan mee is not bad though and the popiah is nice but a little too sweet.

Restoran Lisan - that reminds me of the BM aural test...

After lunch, and sending off the people, I went to Teik Seng's place. He had a gathering to watch a movie. They're watching Ocean's Twelve. Had already watched it. Oh well, just watch it again. It's a witty movie. After the movie, was exhausted and returned home for a rest.

For dinner, our family and uncle's family went to the vegetarian shop opposite Fitness First Uptown to celebrate Mother's Day. The was good! The restaurant was packed! Luckily we have made reservations earlier. Dinner was great! Eat until full, the food still keep on coming =P~~~

We back home, online awhile and straight to dreamland... zzZZzzzZZZ...

Here, I wanna thank Lauren and Jack in organizing this wonderful trip. Was really a surprise that you guys remember my birthday! Thanks again! =)

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