Wednesday, October 06, 2004

2nd attempt

Wee hee! I've got no idea how I get myself back here. I was feeling too bored that I started to click here and there and suddenly I am here!

I've got no idea who DKBU is and what exactly does DKBU stands for. All I know is DKNY! DKBU = Donna Karan Bandar Utama? Erks *scratch scrotch* (Nah!!!Unless I am scratching yours, in which I don't think I am interested in *haahaa*) *shrugs* Is there any DKBU's pictures being posted here ? *hint*

*pssstt* I am beginning to love intruding into this webspace. Oh wee, I'm lovin' it!

I don't think people will actually gives a damn on everything posted in italic words here but who cares? I'm having fun! *hee hee*

Recap on yesterday and today on caRie's life:

Yesterday : A lame hippo use my computer, go thru my folders and printed a picture of my friend's labrador! Shame on you! I'll be sending ya back to the zoo.

Today : A Chinaman came to my workplace and speak alien with me! Then he touched labrador! Then I took my AK47 and start shooting at him all over. He fall dead on the ground. There was blood everywhere. Blood stains on the carpet, wall, my monitor, table, mouse and even my printed labrador picture!

Signing off: caRie the INCREDIBLES

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