Monday, October 04, 2004

Lazy Weekend =P

02/10/2004 Saturday - At nite, mom dragged me and sister to get a cold weather jacket in Centerpoint. Why get a cold weather jacket? Cause going to Korea soon with whole family coming this end October. Korea will be autumn and the temperature will be about 5'C to 20'C. After that, we went to Uno Pizza in Centerpoint to have Italian food. Had seafood pasta! The pasta was really delicious. Yummy ^_^

03/10/2004 Sunday - Wanted to catch a movie with Ah Seng on Sunday afternoon but he can't make it. So I just laze around for the whole Sunday... long time didn't relax like this jor.... ^_^ Went for Jap food in DJ. The food there was normal, nothing special.

Btw, introducing our new guestblogger caRie the Incredicle!

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