Friday, October 15, 2004

part III

Weeeeeeeee!! jeng jeng jeng! Here I am again.. but.. erks.. am I in the correct blog? Why doesn't it look BLUE anymore? Erks!!! Hehe!! It is okay for me since I love BLACK so much!! caRie is from the darkness so.. black suit her perfectly.. as a fair girl, well of course black suit me PURRRRFECTLY! BUT, hmmm... this template looks so so so familiar. Ei DKBU, where you curi from ah? Haha!!

caRie not feeling well today. Sprained her back so now she's sitting down in the office like the Hunchback of Notherdam(erks.. is this how we spell it? well, heck cares?) Just waiting for lunch time then off she go to the Dr. Hehehe! I'll tell you if the dr is good or not alrite? Hm, define good? Well, a good dr is a doc that gives me MC! Hahaha!!!

As I am blogging now, DKBU suddenly messaged me! Haha! shocked!! I thought he got a spycam or some alert that notifies him that I am loggin in to blog in his webbie. Hee hee! *blur*

caRie on vegetarian. Very cham cuz 1st day of vege, I had it with someone at by night, she had food poisoning I think. Well, what more can I say when I get to know that she had diarrhea and starts vomiting? Anyway, she decide to continue vege.. PART 2! Yeehaaa!!!!!!

While caRie is at Penang having vege, keeping herself from all the delicious tempting food, she gotta know that down south, DKBU is starving himself cuz he "puasa". Hm, I wonder what mades him start to puasa? Did he circumcised? God know! DKBU knows! I don't wanna know~ hahahaha!!

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