Friday, October 22, 2004

intruding for the..err.... fourth time?

There you go, caRie was transformed into a fish that suffers from short term memory lost. But Dory is kinda cute so.. caRie is okay with it.. but.. err... DKBU transformed from a pussy into a roaring lion! *hee hee* Anyway this lion will leave to Korea to find it's lioness and we shall all just pray and wish him for the best of lucks, right guys? ;) Well well, at times I am glad that he is no longer a pussy, hee hee, else he might just use fishy Dory as a bait to get his cute lil female pussy, right DKBU? :D

Lion will be leaving so who'll be the king for the next whole entire week? Hmm... *dum di di dum*

caRie sings, " Oh I just can't wait to be king!"

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