Monday, October 18, 2004

Of Ladders, Bourne and The Doctor

What a crazy weekend! Went for a seminar on improving commnunication skills on Saturday morning at a hotel near Kotaraya. Learned a lot of new things... hehehe... Tried calling Neeraj (met him during the Kuala Selangor trip) in the afternoon cause he wanted to watch a movie on Sat evening... but no one pick up the phone. Then he returned my call during the afternoon session of the seminar, but I switched my phone off. Aiseh.... Then I called him about 5 plus, he said he's already watching the movie with the rest of the gang... he said he sent me an email informing me... CELAKA! I DID NOT RECEIVE THE EMAIL! =( Supposingly they are watching Bourne Supremacy at 5:30pm in Midvalley. Anyways, my seminar finish close to 7pm, can't go also lar....

After the seminar, I went shopping in Kotaraya (the bottom level). If you guys are finding all the newest drama from Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan this is the place to find it. It's cheap and there are lots of shops. They also have anime, comic books, magazines, posters, video games (ps2, xbox, gameboy stuffs & accesories), etc... As I browsing around, I receive a call from Ah Seng asking me whether I wanna catch a movie tonite. I asked what movie. He said Ladder 49, starring John Travolta. The movie will be at Sunway Pyramid and the movie starts at 9:20pm. Oooo... I said alrite... I'll be there and continued my shopping... Most of the shops recommended this korean drama 'Stairway to Heaven' , I bought 'Stairway to Heaven' part 1 & 2 for RM99.90. And the salesperson gave me free VCD on the music from the drama. The salesperson told me there was a total of 28 to 30 CDs. OMG! When I'm gonna finish watching this drama? =P When I finish buying the drama, it's already 8 plus and straight to Sunway =)

Reach Sunway about 9:10pm and met up with Ah Seng and his friends. Bought popcorn and went straight into the cinema. I wasn't aspecting that Ladder 49 was a fireman show. I thought it was a some kind of a space adventure show... =P

John Travolta and Joaquin Phoenix

The starting scene is so kan cheong where all the fireman rush into a blazing building, saving people and putting out the fire. It really got my attention. For the first half of the movie, it was really enterntaining and comedic. Then came the second half, where the movie suddenly became dead serious. All in all it's a good movie, at least there are some improvements from Backdraft I watch 10 years back! The fire scene was bigger and more realistic. Great acting from John Travolta and Joaquin Phoenix.

My rating for Ladder 49: 4 out of 5 (must see for all firemen and for those who want to get to know the life of fireman and how they put everything on the line in order to save one life) Oh... did I mention that Ah Seng's friend cried during the ending (girl la... not guy). The movie was too touching for her.

After the movie, Ah Seng asked whether I want to catch another movie tomorrow. I said okay and we agreed to watch Bourne Supremacy! Yes! =D Then I went to visit pillowmui at Starbucks but she's not working that day because she has exams. Anyways, GOOD LUCK FOR EXAMS PILLOWMUI!

Reached home about 11:30pm, saw the missed calls on my handphone. (I put my phone on silent during the movie) Called Theresa, she and her gang was hanging out at Matrix, she ask me to go over... but I reached home liao... didn't feel like going out anymore.

Didn't felt like sleeping yet, so I watched the first episode of 'Stairway to Heaven' with my sister. Wah! This drama ar... not bad ler... there is a girl in the drama that is so manupulative ler... damm scary woi... =X After watching the first episode, was feeling very tired and I went straight to dreamland.... zzzzz....

Stariway to Heaven

The next day, went to watch Bourne Supremacy (Kekuasaan Bourne =P) with Ah Seng in One Utama.

Matt Damon as Jason Bourne

Before the movie, we went to Laksa Shack for lunch. (First time there) Oh... long time didn't have laksa jor. I asked the waiter the recommend me their specialty laksa. Their specialty laksa was Laksa Johor. I ordered Laksa Johor and Ah Seng order Nasi Kerabu Ayam if not mistaken =P The Laksa Johor was delicious even though it was a bit pricey (RM7.90 per bowl) Not too spicy and the portion was big enough XD~~~

Hey caRie! You still own me a bowl of Penang Laksa XD~~~. Can't remember the name of the place jor. The one where you and Juney hang out to have laksa there. =D

After lunch, we bought popcorn and went straight into the cinema. Actually this is the second Bourne movie. The first one was called Bourne Supremacy. Haven't watch the first movie yet... lolz... =P The movie started with the big bang! There was lots of action all the way. The last scene was the best, where Bourne was being chase by everyone in the city, and he outrun the police with his excellet driving skills!

My rating for Bourne Supremacy: 4.5 / 5 (must see for all action fans!)

After the movie, went to Puzzle World to get my 300 piece Monalisa puzzle. Wanted to get this puzzle like for 2 months already and it just arrived few days ago. =) Went to MPH for a while. Then I went to Giant to get some microwave popcorns. I'm a sucker for popcorns XD~~~ Left One Utama about 6pm and I went to get a haircut at Cut-In in Kelana Jaya.

300 piece Monalisa jigsaw puzzle

Reached home about 7pm, and my parents are just back from overseas. We went to a vegetarian shop in Damansara Utama (opposite Fitness First, next to Grandma Kitchen?) to have our dinner. My mom met her friend there, they chatted for a while and her friend just paid for the bill when she was about to leave. Free dinner... woo hooo! But we have to wait for an hour for the food to arrive cause there was too much people eating vegetarian these days. We went back home and my father brought out a ice cream birthday cake from Haagen Dazs from the fridge to suprise my mom and her birthday was a few days later. Anyways, we cut the cake and it was yummy.

Ice cream cake from Haagen Dazs. Yummy ^_^

Then I watched the repeat of MotoGP in Philip Island. Watch how Valentino Rossi (The Doctor) overtook Sete Gibernau which was leading all the way on the last lap. On the last lap, Rossi overtook Gibernau on the first corner. Gibernau has not given up hope yet as this is his home race. Then Gibernau overtook Rossi on the next corner. Rossi is not going to giving up because he wants to win the championship in style. Finally Rossi overtook Gibernau on the last corner and won the race by a whiscker and was crowned the 2004 MotoGP World Champion. Woah! Great great great overtaking from Rossi and Gibernau. This is one of the most exciting moments in motoGP! ^_^

Valentino Rossi aka The Doctor, 2004 MotoGP World Champion

After that, watched some other shows, mandi, check my emails and watch another movie Orgazmo recommended by Neeraj. This is a movie by the director of South Park. The movie was hilarious... laff sei ngo... =X


My rating on Orgazmo: 3.5 / 5 (Warning: Strictly for adults only!) Anyways, if you enjoyed South Park, you might enjoy this movie =P

After the movie, went straight to dreamland... zzzz.... XD

Lesson learned: Never ever give up hope, until the last milisecond or even though if the task seems impossible!

Sidenote: Updated the website with a new layout. Now, it looks more professional... lolz... Also, if you refresh the page, there will be a different picture. There are 12 different pictures currently. My tagboard is down, using the old tagboard now... hehehe....

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