Thursday, October 21, 2004

Mamaking at Mosin

Had a mamak session at Mosin TTDI near the IBM yesterday nite.

We had this mamak session because we had not met for a long long time (secondary school friends) and also to celebrate belated birthdays for October babies . =)

There was quite good considering that we started calling people on Tuesday morning. =)

Well, we started about 9pm, the nite started slow, we were waiting for Shu Hwee to arrive (the star of the day). Unfortunately everyone loss hope after waiting for her for so long. =P

We chatted and chatted. There was alot of catching up to do. Mark San entertained us with his amazing stories =P Well, everyone is doing very well I guess. Everyone seems to have achieved something significant. That's great!

It was getting late for the girls (about 11:30pm), they need their beauty sleep =P Our tai kar jie, Poh Peng the 'CON'sultant paid the drinks and food for everyone (RM40 leh) Everyone! Please stand up and thank our official 'CON'sultant =P The girls left. After about half an hour some of the guys left.

Close to 1:00am, everyone left, remaining Kelvin and me. Lotsa of things to catch up since I have known Kelvin since Standard 2. We chatted and chatted until almost 1:40am. Woah!... time really flies man.... when you're having a great converstion with a old friend.... ^_^

Reach home about 2am... do some packing and straight to dreamland... zzzzz....

By the way, Shu Hwee if you're reading this, we prepared cakes and presents for you. But since you did not turn out, we sapu the cake and presents =P

That's all for now.

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