Saturday, November 13, 2004

Happy Deepavali & Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

08/11/2004 Tuesday

Had dinner with Ah Seng at Genki Sushi in One Utama. After dinner, we watched Shark Tale.

Eventhough the movie was a little shot, it was really funny. Laff sei ngo. Remember the shark song? Remember the guy from the sushi shop? Remember Lenny? Hehehe... My ratings: 4.5 / 5

09/11/2004 Wednesday

Ee Ling called for a mamak session tonite. Since it's Deepavali tomorrow, they will be at the mamak till late at nite. And since it was still early, I went to the gym for a workout. After the gym session as I was going to leave, a girl flashed her ass to me! So white and round! Nice! Wahahaha... =P I thought what she want. She was talking to someone and was pulling up her skirt and started to scratch her ass ler... Cha dou.... =P

Question: Has anyone lift up their skirt to scratch their butt in public?

10/11/2004 Thursday (Deepavali)

Went over to Devan's house to have lunch. Met up with the rest of the gang (secondary school mates). We chit chatted and enjoyed the Indian delicacies. We had cookies, thosais, murukus, candies, drinks, vegetarian chicken curry, etc. BTW, his mom cooks the most delicious thosais and murukus. Love it! XD~~~

Delicious thosai with dahl curry

Later about 5:45pm, Ah Seng came over to pick me up for a BBQ dinner at Andrew's house. Woah! His house is massive - two bungalows combined into one bungalow! There was alot of people too, more than 80 people! Firstly I thought it was like some small gathering to celebrate Deepavali but it turned out to be a mini youth chruch gathering. There was so much people until we have to put on a sticker name tag.

Da food

BBQ siu kai yik

Start to makan!

Food was so so... but met alot of strange people =P Love to talk to them more but after dinner, we gathered around the hall. (Yes, the hall can fit everyone!). There was a long talk by Pastor Julie. Her main talk was about pressure. She was telling that everyone has pressure and some even endure great pressure until they want to die. The solution? To pray (from the Bible). Really? Since I'm not Christian leh? How to pray away the pressure?

Anyways, she told us she had just gone through a really bad time - friends died, brother in the hospital, more and more stuffs and you just gotta look at this lady! This lady still looks so positive and full of enthuism after all that she's been true. Is it because of the Power of pray?

Then there was singing and praising the Lord. Walaueh... praise the Lord take so long and the things that they wanted was really really long........ Errr.... the Lord very busy leh..... got time to listen to all the request ar? IMHO, you just have the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Short and Simple) it!

After that, we have ice cream and deserts. The ice cream was nice.... hehehe.... After desert, most of the people left. Left back just about a few of us left. Andrew asked us to watch a video on how his friend (I know him, but forgotten his name) proposed to the girl. They hide the video cam and recorded the whole process. A lot of friends helped out and it turned out very romantic. At the end of the video, the girl cried.

But the highlight of the video was when everyone was giving the comments of the lovely couple, Ah Seng did his Maggie Mee Man rendition. Everyone was giving their comments, and Ah Seng was kacauing at the backgroud. This was so funny, that I laff until I cried. =P After the video, we headed home.

12/11/2004 Friday

Have to get to work early because we are going to clear a shipment on board OOCL Shenzhen (the biggest vessel to call Port Klang). OOCL Shenzhen is not the first time calling Port Klang though. This shipment was very urgent and we escorted this cargo from the ship till the warehouse. This took the whole day. Lucky for us that it didn't rain and only rained later in the evening. =P

OOCL Shenzhen (Biggest ship to call Port Klang)

13/11/2004 Saturday

Went for Rotaract meeting. We made greeting cards for the underprivilegde children in to world. It was fun! Later we adjourned and went to Neeraj's house for Deepavali dinner.

We had one of the most delicious puri (don't know the spelling) in town. XD~ Also not forgetting the delicious murukus and other cookies. Eventhough the place was small, food was aplenty. Met lots of other people there. We chit chated and got to know some of them.

Then I have to leave for my cousin's birthday party. Eat again... haih... Chit chatted and reached home about 1 am. After that, me and my cousins played Starcraft online. Wah... damm long didn't play Starcraft liao... Luckily still can play =P Went to bed about 5am =D

14/11/2004 - Sunday (Hari Raya Pertama)

Today's Hari Raya. Selamat Hari Raya to all the Muslims around the world! Woke up about 1pm =D Had lunch and played Starcraft again.

Had our fammily dinner at Mee Yoke Lam in SS2 (formerly known as Cheong Yang). Mee Yoke Lam is the top of my list for hawker foods XD~~~ Had their famous Hokkien Mee, famous popiah, ikan bakar, and yong tau fu.

After dinner, played starcraft again and watched a few episodes of Stairway To Heaven. Went to bed about 5 am again... Wahaha.... Holiday ma =P

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