Thursday, November 04, 2004

Trip to Korea - Part 1

DAY 1 - Friday 22/10/2004

Everyone assembled in KLIA at 9:30pm. We are going for an 8 days trip to Korea. Firstly, we were briefed by the our Tour Manager, Richard on the do's and do not's for our trip. He then gave us the itenary and all the contact numbers in case of emergencies. He also ask us to bring our toiletries like toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. because hotels in Korea do not provide them. You can buy them there but it will be expensive.

He also mentioned that we cannot use our mobile line in Korea because there are using a different system. They do not use SIM cards. Really!? I thought all these while mobile phone makers like Samsung, LG, Inno, etc. sell their phones here and I assumed they are also using GSM system. Are they using CDMA? Can any MAXIS guys confirm on this?

A view at KLIA's huge ceiling

There were 19 of us including Richard. We boarded on Korean Air close to 11:00pm. Take off was smooth. After take off, we were treated to a movie, Spiderman 2. Watched it already. =P Time to catch some zzz... cause it's late already and most of the people are sleeping.

Later, we were treated with some healthy breakfast ^_^

Healthy breakfast

A view outside the plane window

DAY 2 - Saturday 23/10/2004

Map of Korea

The flight journey was less than 6 hours. That was fast! We arrived in Incheon International Airport in Seoul early in the morning. After the immigresen stuff, we were introduced to our local tour guide, Michael. He's gonna be with us the for whole trip in Korea.

Well, the Incheon Airport is small. Don't know how big is it, but seems smaller than our KLIA airport. But the stuffs around is very advanced. Just look at their telephone.

Telephone in Incheon Airport

We hung around the airport for about half an hour and we are ready to go. Once we walked out of the airport, it was cold and I'm wearing a t-shirt only. (about 15'C but it looks sunny though) Our next destination was none other than Jeju Island. We were transfered to another airport, Gimbo Airport to fly to Jeju Island. Gimbo Airport was their old international airport just like our Subang Airport.

Local tour guide, Michael

Journey from Incheon Airport to Gimbo Airport took about about half an hour. Gimbo Airport was a small airport but the security is abit 'kua cheong' Look at the pics.

Guards doing there rounds

Korean SWAT team doing their rounds with their MP5 gun and sunglasses (Do they have to wear sunglasses in the dark airport?)

After checking in, we were given about 45 mins to roam around. Caught this pic.

Look At Youth. Where is the youth???

After roaming around, we boarded the plane. Everyone was so tired and most of us just slept on the plane.

View out of the plane window. Nice!

After 1 hour flight, we arrived at Jeju Island!

Jeju International Airport

We headed straight for the restaurant. We are gonna have Stone Rice for lunch. Stone Rice? Rice from stones? No lar... hehehe.... the stone bowl with the rice on top. First they will burn the stone bowl and after that, they put the rice in the bowl. The taste is like our 'nga poh fan' but the stone bowl is hotter than our 'nga poh fan'.

Stone Rice (equivalent to our 'nga po fan')

After lunch, we headed to the Mysterious Road (Ghost Road). Why so mysterious? Cause when you switch off the engine of the bus, the bus will tend to climb uphill. Walaueh... damm mysterious woi... like got ghost pushing the bus =P If you guys don't believe, then you guys should visit this place. Freaky man!

Mysterious Road. The bus is climbing uphill with the engine turned off!

Later, we were transfered to the Hotel Robero. I thought it should be Robero Hotel. Haih... sama-sama with our B.M. =P

Hotel Robero

Weird figures outside the hotel

The hotel room - Nice & Clean

We rested there about 2 hours. Next we visited the Moksukwon Garden. This garden is full of rock carvings (from volcano rock - yup Jeju has volcanoes but all of them are dead) and tree carvings.

Moksukwon Garden

The following is gate system used in acient times. Smart system la!

All sticks up - Will be away for a few days
1 stick down - Will be back later in the evening
2 stick down - Will be back in short while
3 stick down - I'm around (please come in)

Traditional Jeju Island Gate (3 sticks down)

Next we have the famous Tolharubang rock figure (have to check the spelling), only found here in Jeju Island. They are everywhere on Jeju Island. It's their symbol of good luck. There are two types of Tolharubang figures.

One with the right hand higher than the left signifies a general (person who is good in war). While the Tolharubang figure with the left hand higher than right hand signifies a scholar (person who is good in studying). Take your pick =P

Also, if a woman who wants a child touches his nose, she will be blessed with a son, while rubbing the statue’s ears may bring a baby girl and if you want to be rich, rub it's tummy! Lolz...

Giant Tolharubang rock figure - The left hand higher than right hand (scholar)

Next, we visited the Dragon Head Rock. It was a stone shape like a dragon. It was suppose to be a dragon, who was shot down to earth.

Top view of the Dragon Head Rock.

See those lamps at sea, they are boat with bright lamp, to attract sea creatures and sotongs. Our local tour guide, Michael said never to say sotong in Korea because sotong in Korean is vulgar language. Really? Lolz... I really like squids you know XD~

A closer view of the Dragon Head Rock

By the way, Jeju Island is also noted for its abundant rocks and many women (mostly aunties ler). There are more women than men on the island because many of the men are lost at the sea while fishing. Thus, the women are forced to become skilled divers who collect seafood that they sell to make a living. Men are treated better than women and have a more higher status in Jeju Island!

Next we headed to a restaurant nearby to try out their fish and squid. Evethough a little spicy but it was delicious.

Spicy fish with squids

After dinner, we headed for the hotel. Meanwhile, everyone was tired (it's only 9pm on a Saturday nite) and most of them wanted to catch some zzz... A few of us went shopping underground.

Don't be mistaken, this is not an undergroud LRT Station. It's a Shopping Center!

There was lots of shops and most of them sell clothings.

Rows and rows and rows of shops

Hello Girl? Where's the girl? Mostly is auties onli =P

After shopping, we went back to the hotel to catch some zzz...

Part 2 coming soon =)

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