Monday, November 22, 2004


18/11/2004 Thursday

Busy working in Subang. Had lunch in Fook Cheong Restaurant in Subang Village. Food in Fook Cheong is OK. Continued working and had dinner in La-La Chong Seafood Restaurant (near Subang Airport). They are famous for their lala. Tried their lalas, it tasted good but I've tasted better =P

La-La Chong Seafood Restaurant

19/11/2004 Friday

Had lunch over at Restoran Maxis in Subang Village. Don't know whether it is owned by Maxis or not =P Although the place is abit old, their hawker food is good. Ordered their fried kuay teow. Eventhough the protion was abit small, it was delicious. One of the best I've tried. Their economy rice is not bad too. Lots of variety. Ordered their tauhu and some veges without the rice XD~~~

Maxis Restaurant

Continued working after lunch and had dinner at Fook Cheong Restaurant again. Dunno why the guys love this place? The food is not great, just OK only.

20/11/2004 Saturday

After work, went over to Summit at USJ. Visited their climbing gym. Guess what, no one was climbing there. O_o o_O So I visited the shop next to the gym. The shop there sells lots of stuffs for mountain climbing, hiking, camping, underwater stuffs, etc. (mostly outdoor stuffs) .

After that, when to the ground floor to hunt for some DVDs. There are more varieties than the stall in SS2 and they are cheaper too =P Bought White Chick and some other shows.

Had dinner at Tropicana with the family. On the menu there was Mama chop and Papa chop. I asked the waitress what are those. FYI, Papa is beef and Mama is chicken. Learned something new today ^_* Finally, I ordered their Laksa. I tell you, their Laksa is Jumbo size ler. The bowl is big and after eating I was damm full. After dinner, we went to visit our grandparents.

21/11/2004 Sunday

Woke up in the late morning. Ate Korean kong chai mee. When to watched the The Incredibles in TGV One Utama. The show is better and funnier than Shark Tale though. Load of laughs and it is suitable for the whole family to watch.

The Incredibles was great but not the most incredible show I've watch. Maybe before the movie they showed National Treasure, The Polar Express and Cars (next movie from Pixar) trailer. The three trailers was superbly done. Can't wait to watch them. Or maybe there were children crying in the cinema. Or maybe, they had a rushed ending. I didn't understand how come the baby.... =X

The Incredibles

My ratings for The Incredibles: 5 / 5 (Still give it full marks because despite all the distractions. Go watch it!)

Watched White Chicks later in the nite. This movie is funny! Watch it for laughs. On the DVD there was the making of White Chicks. We get see how they actually turn the two black guys into two white chicks. Woah it's a long process. About 6 hours of makeup!

White Chicks

My ratings for White Chicks: 4.5 / 5

Also, finish watching the making and NG (no good) of Stairway To Heaven (came with the package). The making was OK but the NG part is really funny. There was one part where the guy and the girl is suppose to be a crying, but somehow they kept laughing all the way and they had to do plenty of retakes to get it right. Also, during the interviews, the baddies in the movie didn't appear to be that bad after all. Hee hee.... =P

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