Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Hari Raya Party again?

27/11/2004 Saturday

Met up with Rotaracters. Tourism Expose' was the theme of the day. We played a few round of Q&A of other countries. Some questions were easy some were tough, but overall we had an enjoyable time. We learned about other countries' diverse cultures, national anthems, food, history, and etc.

After the games, it was time to celebrate Isabelle's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISABELLE! May all you wishes come true!

Birthday cake

Isabelle removing candles using her mouth (look like The Ring only...) & look at that guy's hands...

Then we adjourned to Irfan's house to have a Hari Raya Party. Guess who I met there? It was none other than Tracy and Ban Eu. Didn't expect to meet them here. Hehehe... Small world isn't it? I knew Irfan thourgh Rotaract and Tracy was Irfan's primary school mate. We talked for less than 30 secs and they left. Cepatnyer, I wonder where were they going? Oh BTW, Tracy what happen to your voice? You sound so different. Sore throat?

We had some malay home cooked food. The putu mayam and the mini wahdeh was good XD~~ Met alot of new people and had a time chatting with them!

28/11/2004 Sunday

Had dinner at SS2. Bought some DVD from SS2 shop next to Murni Mamak. Kelvin, there's some new Korean DVDs that just arrived a few days ago. Bought some DVDs. Watched PTU (Police Tactical Unit).


The movie's kinda old fashion (not much special effects) and dark (filmed at night). One I have to comment is about the main character, Simon Yam. Usually Simon act as the bad guys because of his looks, shuai ge look =P but this time, we see Simon as the good guys. He carried the role very well and he was damm cool in the movie from start till the end.

Simon Yam

My ratings for PTU: 4.5 / 5 (Cool movie with little special effects and a must watch for all Simon Yam fans)

P/S: Yahoo! just upgraded it's email service to 250MB storage space now ^_^ Also, anyone know where I can get a server of about 100MB and bandwidth of 1GB or more for free?

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