Thursday, November 18, 2004

Raya Raya?

15/11/2004 Monday

Woke up quite late today... about 1pm... Still on holiday XD

Had McD Fillet-O-Fish for lunch which I have not tasted more than a year. Oh... It still tastes so good... no... in fact it tasted better =D

Played Starcraft and watched some episodes of Stairway to Heaven.

Had dinner at a vegetarian shop in Damansara Utama with the family. The one that is same row with Starbucks Uptown. Food was okay.

Watched "Sex Is Zero" , a Korean movie. Bought this DVD a few days ago because of it's cheesy title =P Eventhough there are some sex scenes in the movie, this movie is really FUNNY! Haven't laughed so hard for a long time.

Sex Is Zero (Review by KFCC)

The Story: Eun Sik is 28 years old and has recently started school at the university. He is a member of the Cha Ryu group and practices with them daily, through painful endurance training. He meets the much younger and gorgeous Eun Hyo, for whom he holds a completely one-sided attraction. Eun Sik's amazingly unlucky, and a host of embarrassing situations happen to him. Through all of this, him and his insanely horny group of friends help make one of the most memorable sex comedies, complete with both hilarious and somewhat dramatic moments.

My rating for Sex Is Zero: 4.8 / 5

Message for Stupe: If you think Shark Tale was funny, this movie is 10 times funnier. Go watch!

16/11/2004 Tuesday

Had to drag myself to work today eventhough everyone is still on holiday. Had to attend to a project in Subang. On the way, we passed the old Subang International Airport (Terminal 1). To my surprise it was demolished and taken down. It's now a flat land. Luckily, Terminal 2 & 3 is still there.

Went to TGV One Utama to catch a movie with Ah Seng at about 8pm. Initially we wanted to watch The Incredibles. The Incredibles only starts at 11:30pm leh. (So late meh, we got work tomorrow wei...) Reason given by TGV for not showing The Incredibles earlier: Since it's still Raya celebration, TGV is showing all the Malay movies. (What a load of rubbish! TGV OU has 7 cinemas woi! Cannot show The Incredibles in one of the cinemas since The Incredibles is such a hit?)

In the end, we opted for The Manchurian Candidate.

This movie is 2 hours plus and story is very confusing. You gotta have a clear mind to understand this movie. Eventhough it was very kan cheong until the ending, this movie is just not my taste.

My ratings for The Manchurian Candidate: 3.5 / 5

17/11/2004 Wednesday

Went to office today. Half the people are still on holiday. Lotsa work to do.

Went to gym in the evening. Had to work out cause I ate too much for the DeepaRaya celebrations ;)

Watched Initail D 4th Stage episode 7 & 8. Yes it's out! Go download! =P Damm cun lar the cars. In episode 7, we see how Takumi was beaten =X and he won using a 85. In episode 8, we have a FD vs FD battle. Cunnn!

Takumi's 86

I still remember that, Tracy was the one who introduced this anime to me. Tracy was promoting Initial D like giler in the office. So I borrowed the VCD and watched Stage 1 & 2 within 2 or 3 days (arigato Tracy) and I also started to promote it like giler... wahahaha. Why? Because it's good... Very GOOD! If you guys have not seen any Initial D anime, then you guys should go watch it. It's one of the best anime I've watched!

Also, finished watching Stairway to Heaven.

Stairway to Heaven (Review by SPC Net)

This is the first Korean drama that I watched. It's a happy & sad drama. It's like a rollercoaster ride. One moment it's all happy, then unexpectedly the mood changes 180 degrees. But I think the drama had too much crying and they dragged the drama a bit long leh.

The movie was filmmed at Lotted World theme park. Was there just a few weeks ago. Pictures from Lotte World will be uploaded soon. Overall, Stairway to Heaven was a nice drama.

My rating for Stairway to Heaven: 4 / 5

Alot of people recommend that I watch Winter Sonata. They say it's better than Stairway to Heaven. Really? Will try to get hold of Winter Sonata.

Other News

NASA's X43A research aircraft made its third and final flight today, firing its scramjet engine at Mach 10 (7,000 MPH) or close to it, setting a new record.

NASA's X-34A

Pegasus booster ignition for X-43A flight.
Pegasus booster rocket ignites to send the X-43A on its record setting flight

CNN is reporting that Disney has begun the process of setting up a new CGI studio with the goal of making Toy Story 3. Pixar has balked at the idea of another sequel thus far though Disney does own the rights to the franchise. Does this truly spell the end of the Disney-Pixar relationship? Can both Disney and Pixar live without the other?

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