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Trip to Korea - Part 3

Day 4 - Monday 25/10/2004

We had breakfast at the hotel. We had toast, eggs and baked beans. After breakfast, it was time for us to lug our luggage to the bus because we are going to fly back to the mainland. Felt a little dissapointed because we did not visit the beautiful beaches (the tour manager asked us to bring our swimming gear, but we did not visit the beach also O_o o_O), race horse track, submarine tour, Shiri Place, etc.

Shiri Place was popularize by the movie 'Shiri'. It's a hillside facing the sea (I think). The view from there is magnificent (viewed from the show). Eventhough 'Shiri' was a little brutal, I absolutely loved it. My ratings for Shiri: 5 / 5 (a must see!)

Arrived at the Jeju International Airport at 9:30 am. We checked in and do some shopping before our plane leaves at 10:30am

Jeju International Airport - Souvenirs galore (a lil expensive though)

It's time to board the plane. Everyone was restless and everyone is shutting their eyes. They showed Candid Camera on the plane! Most of the people are asleep but then someone starts laffing and the rest can't help it and started laffing. The show was hilarious... hehehe...

On the plane back to Gimbo Airport

After touching down, we were introduced to Steven, our official photographer for the trip. Why a photographer? Cause the Ministery of Tourism of Korea says so!

The Ministery of Tourism requires every tour group to have 1 local guide, 1 official photographer and 1 bus driver. The photographers job is to take as many pictures for the group and sells the photos on the last day. Don't be a kiasu and buy all the photos cause each photos cost 5000 Won = about RM17 or RM18 per photo! Why is the photo so expensive? Cause the Ministery of Tourism takes half of the money and the photographer earns half the money. This half of the money for the photographer will have to cover the expenses for the film, equipments and other expenses during the duration of the tour. Actually, to come to think of it, the photographers actually make very little, just enough to survive. That's why most of the photographers are uni-students. But Steven does not seem to be a uni student to me.

Anyways, we droved about 45 mins to have our lunch. Eventhough there's a restaurant, we had lunch outside of the restaurant because we have grilled pork on the menu today. Of course I opted for the vegetarian meal. =P FYI, in Korea, the prefered meat is pork. They seldom take chicken and very less beef.

The restaurant

Vegetarian meal - (We had lunch outside the restaurant - much cooler and it's open air)

Sun Moon! Ok! Sure! (caught this pic from some bus parked outside the restaurant)

After lunch, we're going to Everland! Everland is a theme park like Disney and is another famous shooting place for the Korean drama "My Love Patzzi". Have not watched this drama either. =P

Outside Everland

Upon entering Everland, Steven took a group photo of everyone. Everland And we are off on the cable car down the slope to the animals section. Saw lots of animal in this section.

Halloween lamps at Everland

Cable cars going down the slope

Man made Waterfall

Penguins in Korea??? And someone wearing a giraffe hair-band

Shhh... The Polar Bear is sleeping... Zzzzz.....

Next, we are going see the strange animal called a Liger. There's only about 14 of them in the world! What's a Liger? Lion + Tiger = Liger Don't ask me how they come up with this strange animal =X We have to line up about 45 mins for mini Safari Tour because alot of people want to get a chance of a lifetime to a Liger.

Weird sign - Caught this pic while queueing for the Safari Tour

Animals Menu - animals that are around

It was our turn and it is best to sit on the left side of the bus (protected by ungreakable glass) cause most of the animals are on the left side. These are some of the animals we saw:

The Lion sleeps tonite~~~ =P

Lion + Tiger = Liger

Liger running away

Nearer shot of the shy Liger

Another shot of the shy Liger

Giant Bear waiting to be fed by sweets from the bus driver.

Woah, we waited for about 45 mins for the Safari Tour but the Safari Tour ended after 15 mins. That's was fast! But nevermind cause we saw the Liger =P We were suppose to watch the Everland Parade after the Safari Tour but the time spent queueing for the Safari Tour was too long. We have to give the parade a miss. We are also suppose to visit the park with lots of beautiful flowers, but it was closed to the public due to renovations. What to do? We headed for the water ride.

Water ride - Ready to get wet!

Next, we went for a 3d motion animation. Just like our Genting's motion master but this one has wind and sprays water =P~ Also after that, went for some roller coaster rides.

One of the shops selling stuffed toys for halloween. Cute!

Double Rock Spin (bottom)

Double Rock Spin (top)

Download: Double Rock Spin Video (5 megs) - Right click and save.

We sat a few roller coaster rides. Then we saw the Double Rock Spin. Look at the video! Out of the big group, only 3 person dared to try it! Of course I tried it! Cuuunnnn Siaaaaal!

It's getting dark in Everland

Nice flower

It was getting dark and everyone is hungry. Today's dinner is not provided. So went for some food hunting. Found this bootifool restaurant and had Mushroom Rice. It was yummy!

Bootifool Restaurant in Everland

Mushroom Rice - Yummy!

Goody's fast food restaurant (Ghost burgers? lolz....)

After food, we went shopping and took some photos around Everland.

Nite time at Everland

It was only 7.00 pm and we have to leave Everland. Boo hoo hoo... so fast meh?

Outside of Everland

The next stop is a hotel nearby Mt. Sorak. It will be about 4 hours drive from Everland. Long journey leh.... Most of us was sleeping because of a tiring day of flight transfers and lots of theme park walking =P About 9:00 pm, we had a toilet stop and some of us bought some snack. I bought Hite beer! Cause it's been advertising everyday like crazy on TV and Hite beer was made from 100% ground water. Must try! (Tastes like diet beer or light beer)

After the stop, we are going throgh 99 corners road where there are 99 corners (very winding) and in the extremely dark! We had to stop half way cause 2 person wanted to puke. One of them is the girl who went for the Double Rock Spin. After some puking and minyak angin, we continued our journey. We arrived at our hotel about 11:30 pm. Actually is a condo lar. It's called the Daemyung Sorak Condo.

Tonite, we are gonna sleep Korean tatami style. It's different from Japanese tatami (which is made of straw). The Korean tatami is made of special wood and there are heaters to heat the wood.

Outside of the Daemyung Sorak Condo

Tatami floor - Hall view of the Daemyung Sorak Condo

Bedroom viewDaemyung Sorak Condo

Since it's hot in the room, we decided to move the table away for the hall and put our beds there. =P More cooling mah... Later I found out it was not a good idea - Luckily didn't freeze to death cause the next morning I found out that the nite temperature dropped to 0'C !!! Damm freezing man... luckily the tatami floor is heated and they provide extra blankets.

After setting up the bed, I to look around the condo. There was a mini supermarket in the basement. Didn't buy anything though cause it's almost midnight and I was dead tired. But I saw this balloon machine. Never seen it before in Malaysia leh! If you want a balloon, just pop in the coins and the machine will make you a baloon.

Mini supermarket (left), some makan-makan machine (middle), balloon blowing machine (right)

After some exploring, went back to the condo to see what's on TV. A Starcraft competition was on TV! FYI, almost every Korean knows how to play Starcraft. Starcraft is the game that started the internet revolusion in Korea. When the game was introduced in Korea, it was so popular and alot of internet cafes were popping up everywhere and later the Koreans became the most connected people (by percentage) to the internet in the world. They also produced some of the best professional gamers in the world. As for the Starcraft competition, Terran won!

Starcraft competition on TV!

After watching the competition, I went straight to sleep... zzz....

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