Sunday, November 28, 2004

Trip to Korea - Part 5

Day 6 - Wednesday 27/10/2004

What a beautiful morning! We had breakfast at the hotel at about 7:00 in the morning, buffet style. After breakfast, we lugged all our baggage onto the bus and we were ready to go. Before that, I just took a picture outside of the hotel.

Trees with red leaves

We travelled about one and half hours to reach the Nami Island jetty. Nami Island was once an island with recreation stuffs but somehow it got closed down because it was not popular anyone because there are more attraction in Korea like the big theme parks like Everland and Lotte World. Until they filmed Winter Sonata (the famous Korean romantic drama) on Nami Island and people start going there to immerse themselves in the romantic island. BTW, I haven't seen Winter Sonata yet, but will see when I get back to Malaysia.

There was a big crowd at the jetty. Most of them are students having their 'lawatan sambil belajar' trip while the rest are young couples. Saw some the guys carrying cartons of beer. Walaueh... wanna drink so much beer on Nami Island?

The queue was long but because our local tour guide, Michael had good PR with the people on the jetty they let us go on the boat first. Kam sa ha mi da!

View from Nami Island jetty

The long queue at the jetty

We arrived on the island and there was such a big crowd. Luckily the island is big enough. =P We were given about 2 hours to roam the island. Michael showed us the Nami Island map and told us what the attraction of the island.

Main gate on Nami Island - Big crowd

Nami Island map

The famous Winter Sonata trees

The famous Winter Sonata trees again

There is a big place in the center of Nami Island for people to have their picnics there. Damm alot of people there, drinking happily and having a great time.

Michael rent 2 automatic bicycles for us to ride on. (Aiyo, all paid by Michael himself, damm good lar this tour guide) We took turns to ride the automatic bicycles. No peddling required. Cool!

People picnicking in the middle of Nami Island

Ostrich and Kimchee House

Kimchi House

Scenery of Nami Island

Scenery on Nami Island

The many colours of trees on Nami Island

The famous Winter Sonata walkway again

Another scenery shot

House with stones on the ground. The stones are stacked by hands and no glue is used.

Winter Sonata pics

Winter Sonata pics everywhere

Winter Sonata poster

Winter Sonata poster again

Another poster

Shops selling Nami Island souvenirs

Pics, poster, postcard, keychains from Winter Sonata are sold in the shop.

After shopping, it was time to leave and some of the girls are picking up the leaves from the trees as souvenirs (Weird man.....) . Before we got on the boat, we saw Namimaid, the mermaid of Nami Island. No fins geh?

Another tree

Namimaid - Mermaid of Nami Island

Closer shot of Namimaid

After the Nami Island trip we had lunch. We had stir fried veges with some red chilli sauce. Mmmm.... sedap..... XD~~~

Caught this pic on the bus - Small Power Electric Dam

Veges with red chilli sauce. Yum Yum...

Poster of Hyo Lee from Fin K. L. girl band in the restaurant

After the yummy lunch, we headed to the famous casino located in the Casino Walker Hill Resort Hotel. The bus took two and a half hours to reach the hotel! Tiring my butt =P

No photos allowed in the casino guys. Anyways, the casino is very small compared to our Genting casino but it's way cleaner and Genting! =P There's a model of the 3 casino boss bowing to the person who is gonna sit on the chair. It's kinda feng shui thing I think.

People below 21 cannot enter the casino and there are shops around for them to shop. But the stuffs in the shops are of killer price! Most of the price is quoted in USD! So don't buy any stuff there.

To enter the casino, we have to flash our passport. None of us gambled because we were only given about had about half and hour, just to look see look see the casino.

A model of the Casino Walker Hill Resort Hotel

Main entrance of the Casino Walker Hill Resort Hotel with model of the 3 casino boss bowing to the person who is gonna sit on the chair.

Next, we headed to Dongdaemun Shopping Street. There are a few shopping complexes and lots of small stalls around for you to shop, just like our Petaling Street. The stuffs in Doota! is cheap and of quality because most of the stuffs here are supplier price (harga pemborong). The best place to buy souvenirs is at 5th floor. Regretted didn't buy more stuffs here.

Doota! One of the best place to get souvenirs!

Marilyn Monroe and aPM

Stalls selling bra, stuffed monkeys and scarfs

Hmm... pen with stuffed toys... Cute!

New MMORPG game?

Phone servicing by SK Telecom

X'mas figures before Halloween?! That's early!

After the shopping, we headed over to the Korea Ginseng Chicken Soup for dinner. The ginseng soup was so-so only. Not that great.

Korea Ginseng Chicken Soup shop

Caught this pic while walking up stairs. Guess what is it...

Tah dah... It's men's toilet up in the center of the flight of stairs and there's no lock at the door (sliding door).

Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup

Caught the next pic nearby the Korea Ginseng shop.

Buy The Way, what are you looking for?! Lolz...

After dinner, we headed to Insaldong (if not mistaken) for more shopping. This place is the best place to by cosmetics stuffs aka girls best shopping place.

Stalls everywhere


Gym - People working out facing the busy streets.

BBQ Restaurant (The guys in the pic is not a monk, it's how rich people dress in the olden days =P)

After so much shopping, we reached the Olympia Hotel (4 star hotel) at almost 10pm. This area is kinda posh because a lot of famous actor and actresses stay around the area. There's also a lot of pubs around just like our Bangsar. Michael told us that if we are lucky we might spot some actor or actresses having their supper or drink in the pub. But everyone was already tired and no one went to the pubs.

We lugged our luggage up to our hotel room and was sleepy already. We unpacked, bathe and we went straight to dreamland... ZZzzZZzzZZzz....

Olympia Hotel room

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