Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Tin & Angel's Wedding Dinner

Went for Tin & Angel's wedding dinner last Sunday.

Tin (our class rep during college days) & Angel

Firstly, I would like to congratulate Mr. & Mrs. Tin on their wedding. And hope you guys have many many happy returns!

Meet up with other college mates and lots of catching up to do. Everyone is doing well. Bravo!

Jackpot Lucky Draw!

Tin gave every table a jackpot lucky draw from Sports Toto. What a clever idea! The 1st prize for the jackpot lucky draw was RM2,331,243.86! Alot of money ler. But most unfortunately, we only manage to strike 2 numbers. Better luck next time =P

Pic of the day! Druken Cheng (left) kissing the best man (right)

After a few flows of liquor, our friend, Cheng started swearing and later he kissed the best man 2 times (Yeeewww!) After that incident the best man dare not approach our table anymore... lolz...

Overall the dinner was nice, sweet and simple. Not like the typical traditional chinese wedding that we have to follow this and that customs, this and that tradition, etc.... Just KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid!) it! Food was great too! =D~

The Terminal

Yesterday, went out with Ah Seng, Puay Leng and Daniel to watch The Terminal at One Utama. This movie is hilarious! You'll laugh your hearts out. =D

Overall, this isn't a bad movie but the ending is abit dissapointing since this movie is directed by the acclaimed director Steven Spielberg. I expected more! My ratings for The Terminal: 3.5 / 5


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